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Jennie Garth

Jennie Garth hairstyles are a common choice for natural blondes or those blessed with baby fine hair. Known for her perfectly smooth California blonde locks, the following styles prove this actress knows a thing or two about hot hair in California's coolest zip code.

The Many Jennie Garth Hairstyles

One of the best ways to find inspirations for your hair type is to find someone who has hair similar to your own and mimic their look. This can be done with any celebrity, as their looks are almost always changing, offering fresh and versatile style options for their hair type.

Jennie Garth wore several infamous cuts during her long running role of Kelly on FOX's 90210.

Here's a sneak peek of Jennie and her 'do over the years.

Long and Straight

Over a decade ago, Jennie Garth won the hearts of teen viewers with her perfectly smooth and sleek sedu hair style. Today, with the help of straightening irons and smoothing serums, recreating this classic Jennie 'do is simple.

If you have fine, limp locks, you're in luck! This classic Jennie style begs for zero volume. Opt for an even length cut, no layers, and a push away bang if desired. To style this look, blow dry hair straight with a paddle brush, add a dollop of shine serum, and finish with a straightening iron to flatten out the hair shaft.

Layered and Long


What's a girl to do when they need change but want to spare their lovely locks? Layers of course! Jennie wore a variety of styles back in her 90210 days, but the long and layered look is probably the one most viewers coveted. Long layers look great on most everyone, and they add body and volume to the hair.

To keep long hair looking its best, haircuts are crucial every eight weeks. To recreate this style, opt for long layers that frame the face. To style, invest in a round brush and a volumizing spray. Blow dry hair bending over at the waist until hair is over 75 percent dry. Then, flip up and use the round brush to blow dry sections of your hair until thoroughly dry and voluminous. Finish with a light hold hair spray. For extra body, revisit the world of hot rollers!

Curly and Playful

Jennie's curly and playful look certainly didn't get the famed airtime as her classic straight cut, but nevertheless, her tousled and lovely locks proved this girl could wear anything. For curly locks, hit the salon and invest in a body wave. As long as your hair doesn't have too much color or damage, a body wave is an excellent option for adding permanent, easy style curl to your hair. To style, scrunch hair and blow dry on a low heat setting.

Cute and Curly Bob

Another option for curly gals comes in the form of a cut. If you've got the curl and want to play with Jennie's cute and curly cropped style, it's time to get a bob. Bobbed hair is at the height of fashion and there's no better way to add fullness and style to curly hair. Style your bob as usual for your curly hair type.

Tousled and Carefree

With all the high school drama behind this hot mama, Jennie Garth can finally let her sexy self shine. Today, Jennie wears her hair in a comfortable and chic bob styled in tousled, playful waves.

To recreate this grown up Jennie look, get ready to shear off long locks into an above shoulder length. Opt for a loose body wave if needed, or work a jumbo curling iron around sections of hair each morning. Finish with a light hold hair spray.

Sun Kissed Blonde

No matter the cut, Jennie Garth is also known for her pure California blonde locks. If you want to recreate Jennie's look, blonde hair is a must.

Natural blondes may benefit from a few shades of blonde hair highlights to break up the color and add dimension to their blonde. Brunettes channeling this look will need high maintenance color applications, including a base color and highlights every other salon touch up.

Just like her late 80s inspirations, Jennie is sure to send gals straight to the salon to copy her most noteworthy styles. With her abundant and versatile options over the years, finding Jennie Garth hairstyles that work for your color and hair type will be no challenge. Which Jennie will you choose?

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