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Jennifer Aniston

During the mid to late '90s, Jennifer Aniston's hair style was the most requested style in the world. In fact, it didn't take long for Jennifer herself to get so sick of being asked about the layered style that came to be known as "the Rachel", that she was soon begging her bosses at Friends to let her change it. While the Rachel may be long gone, Jennifer's hair style is still much admired and emulated. Here is a quick look back at Jennifer's changing hairstyles.

The Rachel

It was the first famous Jennifer Aniston hair style, and it can still be seen today on women who aspire to the cute, sexy look of Friends' Rachel Greene. The Rachel was a shoulder-length, heavily layered style which flattered Jennifer's broad cheekbones and showed off her shiny brown hair to perfection. Rachel only wore her hair like this for a few short seasons, and best-friend Monica sported the same style for a while too, but it's the hair style she'll always be remembered for.

The Wedding

rachel cut
The "Rachel" Cut

When Jennifer Aniston married Brad Pitt, the world's media camped outside their door, hoping for just one snap of the happy couple. Only one official picture was ever released of the event. As a bride, Jennifer wore her hair long and natural, with soft waves accessorized with sparking hair pins. It was a look that epitomized Jennifer Aniston's casual, no-fuss style, and it looked fantastic with her simple white wedding gown.

Since then, Jennifer is often seen with her hair is a similar style. Her hair has a natural wave to it, which looks good with her California tan and casual style.

The Updo

Another Jennifer Aniston hair style to copy is the swept-up chignon, which she's worn both on-screen, in Friends, and off-screen, for upscale evening events. With her hair twisted into a chignon at the back of the head, Jennifer looks instantly sophisticated, without appearing to try too hard. Never one for elaborate hair styles which take hours to create, Jennifer's style is always simple and elegant, and the updo is a case in point.

To create a chignon, simply gather hair into a low ponytail and begin to twist strands into a spiral as you wrap it around the base in a clockwise pattern. After making one complete rotation around the base, twist until no length remains and tuck remaining ends into the base, securing with hair pins as needed. To finish, mist with a firm hold hairspray.

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How to Get Jennifer Aniston's Hair Style

Flat Ironed Look
Flat Ironed Look

As is the case with many of her celebrity friends' looks, the key to a recognizable Jennifer Aniston's hair style is to make sure that your hair is in excellent condition. When your hair is shiny and sleek, it will look good no matter how you wear it - or what you wear it with - so regular trims, plus a good conditioning treatment should be top of the list for anyone hoping to mimic Jennifer's style.

A Modernized "Rachel" Style

The choppy "Rachel" cut looked fantastic on Jennifer herself, but if this is the style you'd like to copy, make sure that it will look just as good on you, too. Not all hair styles will flatter all faces, and your stylist should be able to advise you on whether or not you can pull off this particular look. Remember, too, that the Rachel found the height of its popularity almost ten years ago, so it may be good idea to ask your stylist to create a more modern twist to this old favorite to avoid looking dated.

Layers Add Life

Any style that incorporates medium length layers will help add height and movement to your hair. Ask your stylist for a medium to long cut with long face framing layers and be sure to ask for a demonstration on how to blow dry your hair in sections to help smooth out locks while adding shape and sheen to your style. While the traditional "Rachel" cut skimmed the collarbone, a layered style can be varied as needed to flatter your frame and facial structure.

Healthy Hair

In addition, don't be afraid to lose a few inches of length if it means your overall style will be healthier with more swing. While Jennifer Aniston's hairstyle today remains similar to her first debut in Hollywood, she varies the shape, length of layers and placement of her highlights to add interest while changing her look over the years. So long as your ends stay healthy and you visit a talented stylist regularly for trims, you can recreate Jennifer's enviable Hollywood tresses at home.

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