Jessica Alba's Hair Styles

Jessica Alba's long locks.

Jessica Alba Hair Style

A typical Jessica Alba hair style can be in any of several color shades. Jessica was born with dark brown hair, but she has colored her hair many different shades throughout the years of her celebrity status. Jessica has had hair colors ranging from very light blonde to honey colored brown to red to dark brown. Normally, she has to wear specific hair colors depending on the role she is playing on television or in a movie. She has also colored her hair to appear in L'Oreal commercials.

Varying Hair Lengths and Styles

Jessica Alba is not someone who sticks with one particular hair length or hair style for an extended period of time. Over the course of several years, Jessica has been seen with short, medium, and long length hair, and she has been seen with it parted right down the middle of her head, parted on the side of her head, or worn with no part at all.

Jessica has also worn her hair straight, curled, with a " shag," layered, with bangs and without bangs, and even with a bob. With all of the different lengths and styles she has tried, there is definitely one commonality with of her different looks - they are always practically perfect in every way.

Highlights and Lowlights

Depending on Jessica's current hair color, she normally wears corresponding highlights and lowlights. When her hair is colored a light brown shade, she has been seen with very blonde highlights, and when her hair is colored a bit darker, she often wears very random and thin highlights and lowlights strategically placed throughout the style.

Even though Jessica has donned several different hair shades, surveys of her fans have shown that they prefer her with a dark look. However, when she wears her hear in a golden or blonde shade, it seems to make her face glow and her eyes stand out more.

Steal Her Style


It's not uncommon for women around the world to want a Jessica Alba hair style. Because she has worn so many different colors and styles, there are several from which to choose. It's possible to find pictures of many Jessica Alba styles on various websites, such as:

Tips on how to achieve each cut and style are also commonly available on these websites.

To obtain a Jessica Alba hair style, it's a good idea to find a picture of the favorite look, print it, and bring it to a professional hair stylist. Most stylists will be able to replicate the style to the best of their abilities. However, particular styles will vary depending on a person's specific hair type.

Calming Frizzy Hair

Jessica Alba's hair may look perfect every time she makes a public appearance, but this is partly due to the fact that some of the most famous hair stylists work on her before she is seen by fans. In reality, Jessica's hair is very frizzy prior to it being styled.

Some methods that Jessica uses to help control her fly-away hair are:

  • She utilizes hair wax.
  • She pulls her newly shampooed and conditioned hair into a ponytail or a braid to control it while it is drying.
  • She does not over-use a hair dryer or other heated hair appliances when they are not necessary.


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Jessica Alba's Hair Styles