Jessica Simpson's Hair Styles

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sleek bob
Jessica Simpson's sleek bob.

Who wouldn't want to mimic at least one of Jessica Simpson's hair styles? For the last few years, women all over the world have been walking into beauty salons and asking their stylists to give them a Jessica Simpson hairdo. Gone are the days when many longed to look just like Rachel from Friends: these days women are all requesting "the Jessica," and it's not difficult to see why. Though she's most often seen with her beautiful long blonde waves, if that's not your thing, you can look toward her straight bob style or one of her updos for inspiration.

How to Mimic the Jessica Simpson's Hair Styles

You should begin by making sure your hair is in the best possible condition.The best tip you can steal from Jessica Simpson is to make sure you have your hair trimmed regularly - ideally every six weeks. It seems strange to recommend regular haircuts when you're trying to grow your hair long, but this really is the best way to make sure that your hair remains healthy, and it will help it grow quicker, as well.

Take a hint from Jessica: since her break-up with Nick, she's been frequently photographed entering and leaving the home of her hairdresser. That's not just because Jessica's hairdresser has become a personal friend - there's a good reason why you'll never see Jessica Simpson with split ends or lackluster hair.

Jessica Simpson Styles

Long, Wavy Hair

Jessica Simpson's long waves

Jessica tends to wear her long wavy hair parted in the middle, but she is occasionally seen with a side-parted style. Choose the one that's best for your face shape and features. If you want to copy this style, it will work best with long layers. When your hair is wet, comb a volumizing mousse through the length. Once you've set your part, you can begin blow drying with a round brush. Bend the ends under as you style. When you get to the roots, lift them up and away from the head. This will add more lift and volume. Once the hair is dry, use a large curling iron (clip less irons work well) to wrap the ends--mid-shaft to about an inch from the ends--in a spiral motion around the barrel. Carefully unwind the hair from the barrel, run your fingers through to loosen the curls, apply shine serum, and use hairspray to lock in the style.

The Straight Bob

This is the cut that Jessica got after her split with Nick Lachey. The straight shoulder-length bob featured long side-swept bangs and only a little layering around her face. The rest of the style was all one length. Instead of going with her typical middle part with this style, she had a side part, so to style your own similar bob, begin by parting your hair on the side you prefer. Give yourself a blow-out by using a medium round brush to coax the ends under. Be sure to direct the nozzle of the hair dryer down the shaft of the hair for smoothness. Once your hair is dry, use a straightening iron and shine serum to make sure the hair reflects as much light as possible.

Long and Straight

Long and straight

This is a voluminous style that is styled similarly to the long, wavy hair. Apply root booster to your roots and part on one side before you blow-dry your hair in sections using a large round brush. Blow-dry the back under, the sides to the front, and then lift the crown with the brush in order to add volume there. Tease the hair at the crown and smooth over the top layer with a natural bristle brush. Apply smoothing serum and hairspray.


There are two updos Jessica Simpson seems to love the most: the half-up, half-down style reminiscent of Brigitte Bardot, and the classic chignon, set to one side. Each one starts with long curly or wavy hair.

The Brigitte Bardot

This is a half-up, half-down 'do that features a lot of volume at the top and a few face framing layers or side-swept bangs around the face. Gather the hair from the crown and above the ears, leaving the very front section out to be styled around the face. Lift this top section of the hair and tease with a rattail comb. If your hair is thick, you may have to divide the hair into a front and back section in order to achieve the height you want from the teasing. Gather the hair at the back of the head and smooth the surface so that any evidence of the teasing underneath is hidden. Pin the hair into place at the back of the head with criss-crossed bobby pins. You can take it a step further by pulling the length of the hair into a low ponytail at the nape of the neck, securing with a hair elastic, and then wrapping a small section of the ponytail around the base to cover the elastic.

The Chignon

Start with dry, side-parted hair. For extra volume and a more filled-out chignon, curl hair with a large curling iron and finger comb so that you have texture without well-defined curls. Gather the hair at the nape of your neck, to the opposite side from your part, and secure with a hair elastic that blends with your hair color. Twist the hair until it wraps around the base of the ponytail and pin into place with bobby pins around the perimeter. If you're up to the challenge, you can twist sections from the sides back before pulling the hair into a ponytail for added interest.

Jessica Simpson Extensions

Jessica Simpson clip-in extensions cover a multitude of hairstyles. Get waves or straight hair in various lengths or choose a hair piece that will make your ponytail longer, your chignon fuller, or even give you the look of bangs. The range of colors should have something for everyone. Get them at:

Variety of Looks

Aside from the straight bob, Jessica's styles are dependent on length and layers. If you don't have a similar haircut, you can play around with extensions to achieve the look you want. With the glamour, the volume, and the touchability of Jessica's hairstyles, it's no wonder that women are strolling into salons asking for something similar.

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Jessica Simpson's Hair Styles