Jeweled Hair Accessories

Try a jeweled clip for instant glamour.

If you want to add a touch of glamour to your style, jeweled hair accessories add an instant pop of bling!

About Jeweled Hair Accessories

While they may be a common hair accessory amongst brides, jeweled accessories aren't limited to formal events. A touch of sparkle can brighten a dreary day while adding much needed drama and sophistication to your style. Whether they are pinned into a bunch of loose tendrils or take center stage as they secure a bang, jeweled hair accessories are available in a multitude of colors and styles to fit nearly every fashionista's wardrobe.

How to Wear Hair Accessories

Whether you're growing out your cut or are just in a hair rut, you can extend the life of your style with a collection of hair accessories. Often overlooked, hair gems and barrettes can provide structure and shape to a lifeless cut all while enhancing your wardrobe and highlighting your facial features. Sparkling hair jewelry instantly draws attention to your face, providing a beautiful focal point.

While rhinestone and sparkling gems have adorned locks since the vintage art deco and flapper era, their reintroduction into the world of hair accessories was at first limited to evening wear. With a resurgence in vintage inspired baubles and jewelry, rhinestone clips and barrettes can be worn nearly everyday no matter your style or choice of dress. The key to wearing any hair accessory is to keep your look minimal and refined. If you overly coif the hair and then add a dazzling jeweled hair accessory, chances are your style will be too glamorous for a daytime or office setting. A simple and chic hairstyle enhanced with a sparkling clip will provide the same drama without all the added fancy fluff, creating a modern and feminine look.

Types of Jeweled Accessories

No matter your hair length, there's a jeweled accessory for you. You can choose from a variety of rhinestone accessory shapes and sizes. Typically found in hair accessory boutiques, sparkling pieces are available in the following styles:

  • Headbands
  • Bobby pins
  • Barrettes
  • Hair combs
  • Hair clips or jaw clamps
  • Hair sticks
  • Elastics

Style Ideas

Need rhinestone hair accessory inspiration? Consider pairing a sparkling number with your evening wear for instant glamour, or pop a small barrette into your style while flaunting a day dress and cardigan. Women growing out a short pixie haircut can rely on small bobby pins to pull back and secure their style as it grows out, while long haired ladies may find a dazzling headband adds polish and style to an otherwise basic cut. Since a rhinestone or jeweled hair accessory adds plenty of bang for your buck, keep jewelry minimal to avoid a costumed look. Looking for a way to dress up a distressed pair of jeans and a boyfriend sweater? Nothing looks sexier than a glittery hair comb pulling back loose sections of the hair.

Jeweled hair accessories are a must-have enhancement that should be collected and purchased just like jewelry. When you find a dramatic accessory that calls out your name, why not make the splurge even if your have no idea when or where you'll wear it? Chances are, you'll find the perfect moment to flaunt your new treasure, and with little else your look will be complete!

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