Kate Gosselin Hairstyle

Kate Gosselin

According to the reality star and mother of eight, if you want to show off your bold and playful side, a Kate Gosselin hairstyle is a coveted alternative to the basic bob.

Behind the Cut

Followers and fans of TLC's reality show Jon & Kate Plus 8 have witnessed the once stay-at-home, humble mom of eight transform into what some feel is a media hungry and materialistic mama. Jon and Kate entered their reality show as a happily married duo sharing the responsibilities and ups and downs of parenting.

In the beginning of the show, Kate and Jon were both basic, down to earth parents who spent little on style or luxuries. With high rankings, endless freebies, and dental and plastic surgeries, Kate Gosselin has transformed her hair and her body in spite of her marriage allegedly falling apart. No matter where you stand on the drama between Jon and Kate, her hair has quickly become the subject of gossip and criticism.

How to Get a Kate Gosselin Hairstyle

A Low Maintenance and Edgy Look

Kate Gosselin's hair is fitting for the woman who wants low maintenance without going unnoticed. Kate shines in the media spotlight, and mothering eight kids certainly cuts into daily primp time. A short hairstyle like Kate's means you can hop in the shower, spend a few minutes styling, and go! Kate is a multi-tasker with a strong personality, so a little spike in the back of a basic short hairstyle adds the edge that Kate desires.

Hair Type and Color

If you want a look similar to a Kate Gosselin hairstyle, you'll want to consider both your hair type and color. Medium textured hair (not too thick or thin) works best for creating the spike and fullness in Kate's cut. A little bit of natural wave (not curl) that can easily be straightened would be ideal for achieving the volume that dominates Kate's crown.

Color is another element that makes Kate's hairstyle more than basic. Opt for heavy hair highlights to brighten your look. Highlights will also damage the hair just enough to create extra volume. If you are a natural dark blonde like Kate, you can add varying levels of blonde to create multi-level dimension in your hair. Women with brunette or red hair can do the same, just stay within a few levels of your natural color for best results.

Styling Tips

Although Kate's hair is extremely low-maintenance, styling products are essential for the hold and separation of her hair. To style your hair just like Kate's try the following:

  • Styling mousse: A lightweight mousse or root-lifting spray will help pump up the body of fine locks. Add while hair is damp and distribute evenly from scalp through ends.
  • Blow Dry: To add volume, blow dry the roots and lift them lightly with your fingers as you direct the heat of the blow dryer at the crown. Pull hair straight and taut around the face.
  • Smooth: To smooth the perimeter of this style, use a straightening iron. Starting at the base, pull hair straight down as you slip the iron from scalp to ends.
  • Separate: To create tousled texture in the back, work a molding paste through the palms of your hands and apply directly to the backside of the hair. Pull and tug at ends to create varying spikes and separation.
  • Finish: Finish and set hair with a light hair spray.

Love the Look, Fear the Change

Keep in mind Kate herself has said not every woman can wear her hair cut. The spikes at the back of her style are very bold, yet the smooth and slick perimeter of her style is feminine and chic. If you can't see yourself opting for both looks at once, simply pick your favorite and have your stylist either create a slick and choppy bob or a spiky short style to show off your own personal edge. .

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Kate Gosselin Hairstyle