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Kellie Pickler

Unwavering in blonde but like a chameleon in style, Kellie Pickler hair styles have been worthy of discussion since her days on American Idol.

The Idol Days

She didn't win first place, but this sweet North Carolina girl won hearts and claimed a spot in the top twelve. If it didn't have to do with her charmingly ditzy demeanor and amazing voice, it may have had something to do with her long blonde girl-next-door hair. It was cheerful and sweet-just like Kellie-a part of her "sweetheart" persona on the show.

Fans of Pickler's long, beachy hair may have been disappointed when they saw her after American Idol was over: she'd had it cut off to chin-length. Unless they were particularly attached to the long, long hair, though, even they could admit that the new look showed off her face in a way that long hair couldn't.

Kellie Pickler Hair Later

Since her American Idol stint, Kellie's gone shorter with her hair styles. Very soon after her Idol days were over, Kellie Pickler went for a chin-length bob hair style that was also very flattering with her features but not as trendy as the more recent asymmetrical bob.

Kellie has been spotted with an angled bob that she wears both wavy and straight (medium-to-long bobs are very versatile and the asymmetrical version is just as fun to play around with). The long asymmetrical bob hit almost at the collarbone on one side and fell roughly to the chin on the other, bringing out her features and framing her face so nicely it was hard to even miss looking at the longer light blonde locks.

Early in 2007, she showed back up on American Idol with a short, curly look. By Fashion Week 2009 that asymmetrical bob had grown out to a shoulder-skimming length worn with large, feminine waves. It suggests that she just grew out her original bob a bit before going the asymmetrical route and then continued to grow it out so that the shorter side was almost shoulder-length.

If you're considering trying to get Kellie Pickler hair at any of the shorter lengths, rest assured that medium-to-long length bobs look great on almost everyone. With a hairstylist who will do a thorough consultation when you sit down in the chair, there's no reason you can't accent your own features with a lookalike cut tailored to your face. As Kellie has proven, bobs can look graceful as they grow out with proper maintenance.


If you're dying for a bob like Kellie's-especially the asymmetrical one-be prepared to spend some time on your hair every day. Whether you wear it straight or curly, there's a definite style there that makes it hard to just roll out of bed and look put together.

For the short bob and the long, straight hair, you may be able to get by with just a straightening iron because both styles were sleek, with the ends hanging straight down rather than flipped or curled. The curly look from her guest appearance on Idol in 2007 will, of course, take some time with a small-barreled curling iron or a crash course in pin curls.

The asymmetrical bob will take more work-roughly 30 minutes-with a blow drier, a large round brush, and possibly even a curling iron for the wavy looks. You'll need mousse to give it that fluffy, volumized look, and of course a hair spray to keep the hair curled under. Some girls may be able to get the look with just a straightening iron and a root spray. If you're one of those lucky ladies, apply the spray and blow dry roots only, once hair is slightly damp. Once your hair is completely dry, apply a heat protectant and straighten with the iron.

Sexy Hair

You probably won't be seeing Kellie returning to her long, flat style from previous years anytime soon. She's the new Sexy Hair spokesperson, representing Big Sexy Hair, Short Sexy Hair, Sexy Bath & Body, and Sexy corporate. While her hair is significantly longer than that initial post-Idol bob, there is much more movement and volume that looks incredibly luscious and brings those nearly platinum strands to life. Even if you don't have her amazing voice, you can still bring a bit of stardom to your locks with Kellie Pickler hair styles.

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Kellie Pickler Hair