Kelly Clarkson's Hair Styles

Kelly Clarkson

Millions of American girls have strived to achieve the Kelly Clarkson hair style. Ever since Kelly Clarkson skyrocketed to fame as the first American Idol, she has been known for her cute and sexy style without ever looking trashy or promiscuous. Truly a celebrity that moms don't mind their young daughters "idol"izing, Clarkson has a fun and sassy style all her own.

Kelly Clarkson Hair Style: Never the Same Girl Twice

One thing that keeps the Kelly Clarkson hair style looking fun and up to date is that she is constantly changing her hair. Many of us know and love the familiar Kelly with the warm brown hair, but this girl has also gone blonde and sometimes both colors at once.

The trick to copying Kelly's style is to keep your public guessing. Play around with colors and hairstyles, and never let more than a couple of months go by without a fun change.

Kelly is the celebrity that first made "color paneling" famous. According to Pageantry Magazine,

"Paneling lets the layers show and gives your hair greater contrast and depth. To achieve this look, your stylist will part your hair into sections, then apply two to three bands of color from top to bottom and around your head. Depending on the colors you select, the effect can range from a subtle contrast to extremely bold."

You cannot truly have a Kelly Clarkson hair style without trying paneling at some point. This is Kelly's trademark look, with a combination of blonde and brown streaks, and she pulls it off fantastically.


Worried about not liking the colors? There are wash out formulas available as well for a temporary trial.

Curly or Straight?

Another great thing about Kelly is that she doesn't depend on just color to keep her looking fantastic. She was spotted at the Grammy's going curly, and often shows up in public with super straight hair. It's important to change your hair's look with the seasons and the trends, and never allow yourself to get comfortable with the same style for too long!

Layering the Kelly Clarkson Hair Style

The reason that Kelly's hair enjoys so much versatility, is because she keeps it healthy and in layers. The layers easily add softness and a romanticism to Kelly's look when she wants to, but also can be straightened or curled in wild and fun 'dos for a night out on the town.

Looking Golden

The Kelly Clarkson hair style is all about getting the style that looks right on you, as opposed to following every day trends. Clarkson has managed to start more trends than she follows, and she has never been afraid to look bold as well as beautiful. Versatility and an open mind are the keys to looking great with a Kelly Clarkson inspired hair style. Now go out there and be an Idol!

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Kelly Clarkson's Hair Styles