Kelly Ripa's Hair

Kelly Ripa with layered blonde hair

Fans of Live with Regis and Kelly are certainly familiar with blonde co-host Kelly Ripa's hair. Her medium length sunny locks are perfect for her vivacious and multi-tasking personality. Whether you're looking for an easy care style that looks good every day of the week or just want to mimic her sunny tresses, here's a closer look at Kelly's cut, color and style.

About Kelly Ripa's Hair Styles

For being a busy, hardworking mom of three, Kelly Ripa's style has to be easy and low maintenance while staying on top of the trends. It seems no matter where or when the cameras capture Kelly, her style is always well-groomed and chic. While her look seems easy to wear, bear in mind part of the credit falls within her hair type. Kelly Ripa's hair is a classic example of a fine textured straight style. While her tresses may be fine, she has plenty of them, which helps to create her voluminous and shiny mane.

If you're ready to make the cut and copy Kelly's classic style, you may have increased styling time depending on your hair texture and condition. Ladies with wavy or curly hair will need to blowdry and straighten their locks to obtain Kelly's sleek style. Kelly's look works best for those with naturally straight hair, but can be worn by nearly everyone with a little more styling effort.

The Cut

While Kelly's style has slowly evolved throughout the years, she is usually wearing a similar look. Kelly favors medium length tresses with a bit of layering for movement and swing. Face framing layers help to draw attention to Kelly's chiseled bone structure and add a bit of softness to her face. Parted in the center, Kelly's hair also helps balance her facial shape.

Medium length hair styles like Kelly's are the best option for anyone who wants a versatile style without sacrificing length. Kelly's medium layers allow her to create a variety of playful ponytails and twists that compliment her bubbly personality while reflecting a youthful look. Her easy layers are also a cinch to style. Rather than spend nearly an hour blowdrying your hair with round brushes, you can pretty much bend over and blowdry hair at the root and give it a good shake to create instant separation and swing, so long as you're not fighting curl or frizz.

If you've got Kelly's classic straight locks, the only challenge you may have is mimicking her fullness. A hair thickening spray can pump up your locks if need be. In addition to hair volumizing products, opt for fewer layers to keep hair thicker. If you're on the other side of the spectrum but still covet Kelly Ripa's hair, bear in mind you may need to work a bit harder to create the same finished look. Layers will help tame curls and frizz and will minimize unwanted weight and bulk. A paddle brush worked through your layers during the blowdry will help straighten hair while imparting sexy shine.

Kelly Ripa's Hair Color

Once you've got Kelly's cut, it's time to talk color. Kelly is a classic California blonde. If you've got naturally blonde hair like Kelly, you'll want to add some interest with pale blonde highlights around the face. If you're a brunette opting for her color, you may choose to go platinum and add a few lowlights for contrast.

Brightening up your color and cropping your locks may be all you need to do to create a style similar to Kelly Ripa's. Your stylist can help you channel Kelly's no-fuss cut and color and help determine if the style is right for you. With the help of a few styling products and minimal daily fuss, you can look just as polished and classic as Kelly while carrying on with your busy lifestyle.

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Kelly Ripa's Hair