Keyshia Cole Hairstyles

Keyshia Cole with a short blonde hairstyle
Keyshia Cole

Keyshia Cole hairstyles comprise of a variety of looks. She chooses to use color in her hair to lighten it for glamour and drama, and she has had shades of red and blond. While blond, Keyshia has taken on the role as a blond bombshell, reminiscent of Marilyn Monroe.

Keyshia Cole Hairstyles and Curls

Keyshia has also been known to wear curly hair, such as dramatic small and tight curls at the top of her hair with straight sides. To achieve that look, wash and condition relaxed hair.

  1. Add gel to the sides to slick the hair down and taper it to the back.
  2. Smooth the straightened sides with your fingers and flatten it with a small-tooth comb.
  3. The hair can be curled with a small curling iron at the top. You can also forgo the curling iron, and use a small to medium-sized curlers to wet set the hair and curl it. This style works best for hair that is tapered at the sides.
  4. Ladies with longer hair can pull the sides and back of the hair into a bun.

Keyshia wore this style with blond hair. Keyshia sometimes uses curls to add texture and volume to her style and therefore, she uses a variety of curl sizes.

Looser Curls

In addition to wearing her hair in a curly top with tapered sides, Keyshia has sported looser curls in longer hair. Her hair was dyed red and it was curled in loose spiral curls, a glamorous style for a special occasion. This look can be achieved by using a hot curler to curl shoulder length hair into ringlets.

  • Do not comb the hair.
  • Use your fingers to gently loosen the curls so that they hang onto your shoulders.
  • Use human hair pieces for length and volume.

While wearing red hair, Keyshia has sported a carefree tossed look with long hair and less defined curls. These frizzy curls gave her a relaxed, sexy look. This style can be mimicked with a curly weave. Ladies with naturally long, curly hair may want to add the weave for fullness and taper the hair to fit your face. Keyshia was photographed wearing this style with a white headband to hold her tresses away from her face.

Short and Simple

Are you looking for short, breezy Keyshia Cole hairstyles? Keyshia has also rocked a simple blond pageboy cut with long bangs and straight tapered sides. This short hair style may be achieved with relaxed hair or hair that is naturally straight.

Straight and Edgy

Keyshia has also sported a simple, straight exotic cut. She wore bangs and bone-straight long hair. The hair should be shoulder-length at least, but can hang to the center of your back or lower for extra style. Again, human hair can be weaved in for extra length and fullness. Don't be afraid to become a redhead to add extra drama to this look. Red hair can be worn by women of just about any complexion. Experiment with a shade of red that works for your own skin tone. You can also experiment with lengths that suit your taste.

In this longer style, the bangs can be cut a little longer than usual or they can be cut so that they rest along the eyebrows. Keyshia's bangs were longer, and they were curled toward her face for fullness. You can curl the ends of the back and sides of your hair downwards of flip them upwards. Although Keyshia has sported vibrant colors in her hair, she also opts to wear her hair jet black.

About Coloring Your Hair

If you decide to color your hair like Keyshia Cole, make sure that you have a licensed stylist apply the treatment for you. Going from black to blond can damage your hair if it is not done correctly. You can also try wearing a wig to get a sense of how the color would look on you before you commit to it. You may also want to forgo the color all together or use a less permanent color for highlights.

Whichever styles that you choose to wear, try to remain flexible like Keyshia. Experiment with a variety of Keyshia Cole hairstyles and add your own creativity to make the look completely yours.

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