Latest Black Hairstyles

Sleek golden hair is trendy.

The latest black hairstyles are stylish and fun. Bright colors throughout the hair, streaks, and hair extensions that are glued onto caps are popular. Red hair has made a tremendous comeback, and women are going brighter than in the past. Hair weaves using coveted Indian virgin hair is highly prized. In most of the latest hairstyles, ease and flexibility are key.

The Latest Black Hairstyles and Weaves

Instead of gluing weaves directly onto the hair, women are gluing the weaves onto stocking caps to create custom wigs. The wigs fit snugly on the hair and can look more natural than sewn in weaves, because the glued hair lies flatter than hair that is cornrowed and braided. Gluing the hair on a cap reduces the chance of damage associated with having bonding glue on the hair. Bonding glue, when removed, can cause breakage.

Women can use the wigs to experiment with color by adding previously dyed extensions to the cap rather than experimenting with their natural hair and subjecting it to harsh coloring chemicals. The wigs are worn in a variety of styles, such as longer lengths with bangs or shorter lengths with layers. The wigs are also tailor-made to fit and can be removed when it is preferable to wear natural hair. The biggest downside to wearing the stocking cap wigs is that they can be itchy and hot to wear.

Ladies who are willing to invest a couple of hundred dollars in their hair are buying Indian virgin remy hair. This hair is sought after because of its texture, the cuticles of the hair are still intact, and it is unprocessed . It also blends well with relaxed hair. Indian virgin hair does not mat, and is available in straight to wavy textures. The wavy textures curl when it is wet. Women who use the hair usually wear it long and flowing. The front of the hair may be parted on the left, right, or in the middle. Some ladies prefer to create a soft hump in the front of the hair for height.

Natural Hair

A great number of women are choosing to wear their in natural black hair styles, without relaxers. Popular natural hairstyles include flat twists in different patterns with the back of the hair left free. Cornrows have taken on an updated look with the advent of zigzag braids. The braids themselves are not zigzagged, but the parts are. Ladies are beginning to sport afros, because when they go natural, they are beginning to feel more comfortable with their own hair texture and how their hair appears in its natural state.

Flips and Layers

Flips and layers are common in the latest black hairstyles. Relaxed hair is worn layered and flipped up or layered with wings that flip back, ala the 80s. Hairstyles are becoming more ornate, however, and more women of color are willing to try wearing wigs and extensions for more body and fullness. Half wigs and lace front wigs that blend into the natural hair are popular as women want their hair to look as natural as possible. The front of the hair is usually left free and blended into the wig. The sides or back of the hair are layered. Short as well as long hair styles are common.

Hair Color and Black Women

Red hair is popular because black women of nearly every skin tone can wear a shade of red. Red hair is becoming a symbol of confidence, independence, and strength. It can be a bold color that makes a statement. Women are also wearing chunky streaks and tonal hair color with shades of bronze and deep golds. Streaks with different shades of color in the same family are popular.

The latest black hairstyles are trending toward natural but stylish looks, perhaps with a bit of bold color for extra personality. Whatever your hair type or texture, you can try a new trendy look to experiment with hairstyles you enjoy.


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Latest Black Hairstyles