Layered Shag Haircut for Round Face

Round-faced woman with long shag haircut

A layered shag haircut for round face will help to lengthen the face, reducing the roundness and creating the coveted oval shape. Short, medium length, and long hair offers options for the shag because the hair can be cut around the face to frame the entire shape of the face. The shag is a great round face hair styles, and can be fun to wear as well.

Layered Shag Haircut for Round Face and Short Hair

Woman with short, face-framing shag

For short hair in shag hair styles, layers should be left longer around the face and curled towards the cheekbones. Allow the top of the hair to curl away from the face to reveal the forehead, adding to the look of an oval. You can also allow the front of your hair to sweep to one side, but it's best for it to curl upwards to show off the forehead.

Avoid bangs, because bangs tend to visually shorten the face, making the face appear to be more round than oval. One of the best things about shags in short hair is that shags can be a low maintenance style. The "messy on purpose" look is stylish and chic.

Don't spend too much time styling your hair in the morning. Maneuver it in the evening and wear a satin scar on your style to protect it. Alternatively, you can skip the scarf, but be sure to poof your hair out in the morning. A flat in the back bed head look is not in fashion. Style the hair with your fingers and styling gel. You can use a brush to help naturally curly hair turn towards the face for graceful framing.

Medium Length Hair

Medium-length, layered shag haircut

To diminish the fullness in the face and create a longer, leaner look in medium-length hair, cut short layers around the sides of the face. The hair should gently curl around towards the center of the face, either above or below the thickest point of the face so they do not accentuate the roundness. The layers can extend around from the forehead to cheeks and down towards the jaw line. A shag works best on hair that is already full or curly.

Use products like a gel and mousse combination with a shampoo that adds volume to thin hair. Thin, limp hair will need fewer layers, because layers can create the illusion of thinning your hair out. Medium-length hair will require more prep time, but the layers will help your hair to almost effortlessly fall into place. Brush it out for a more sophisticated look, but don't be afraid to use only your fingers to style your hair for a messy, evening look.

Long Hair

Drew Barrymore with long layered hair

Layers can also be useful in long hair shags for round faces. Part the front of the hair to use the forehead to add length to the face, and either cut the hair short around the face to frame the face as in a medium-length hair or cut the hair in longer layers, letting it flow naturally down to your shoulders. Your hair can also slightly curl towards your face at the layered ends. The part, with the long sides of your hair framing your face, will do wonders to elongate your face.

If you get bored with the part down the center, create an off-centered part, but be sure to brush the hair away from your face. Any hanging hair or wispy bangs may add the roundness to your look that you are trying to avoid.

Layered shag haircuts are perfect for reducing the look of full cheeks or an otherwise round face. They key is to allow the sides of your hair to curl towards your face for shorter styles or fall sleekly at the sides with the ends gradually curling towards your face for longer hair. If you love bangs, you will have to get rid of them to create the oval look that you want with layers, but you can sill find a layered shag haircut for round face style that works well for you.

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