Layering Emo Hair

Be bold with layers in your emo look.

Need a reason to start layering emo hair? Layered hair is a quick way to change your style while adding texture and movement. Hair styles that reflect the emo image thrive on irregular and displaced locks. Although layers add a much needed boost to fine, limp locks, before you decide on layering emo styles, consider your hair type and commitment to daily styling before adding varied length to your coif.

The Emo Look

The emo image is a slang term that is short for "emotional." Soon, the days of goth and punk hair styles may fade as emo has taken over the majority of alternative hair trends. Men seeking modern cuts may choose to test out emo guy hairstyles just because they are unique and hip, while women can also enjoy different female emo haircuts. The emo look differs from individual to individual, but the style is widely defined by bold color and straight locks with lots of points and definition.

Emo hair is a unisex style, and layering emo hair makes the cut fairly simple to create. Layered looks can be modified at different lengths to work on both girls and guys. If your emo style needs some lift, consider these edgy emo ideas.

Layering Emo Hair Styles

Most emo hair styles work best on fine and straight hair types. Although straight hair can be a curse for those seeking volume and curl, lack of texture helps to create the slick and shiny locks that help define this rebel look. Those with texture may need to rely on styling tools such as a straightening iron and pomades to achieve smooth and slick locks.

Depending on your hair texture and styling routine, any of the following layered looks will incorporate the emo fashion craze into your image:

  • Face Framing: Face framing layers are a perennial favorite for those seeking a weightless style. If you want to keep your length but crave an edgy cut, face framing layers that are strategically carved will open up your face while defining facial features. Face framing layers can also be styled with pomades and waxes to keep them exaggerated and bold.
  • Interior Layering: Interior layers add lift and fullness to the mid section of the hair. If you want to see movement and wispy ends, interior layers will do just that! Keep in mind that interior layers work best on hair that has some texture or natural curl. If your hair is straight as an arrow, you may choose face framing or long layers to add separation without deflation.
  • Long Layers: Long layers are a great way to add some interest to an emo style without sacrificing overall length. Long layers can be paired with an edgy bang to add a unique component to the cut. In addition, bangs can be colored or streaked with bold highlights or permanent hair color to add another element of artistic flair to the cut.

No matter what layering emo hair technique you choose, keep your emo look authentic with bold color and heavy hair partings. The following styling tools should be help you create limitless emo styles:

Finding a Stylist

There's something to be said about finding the right stylist for the cut. Emo styles are a new hair trend, and not every hairstylist will be familiar with this unique look. When you seek out a professional hairstylist to color or cut your hair, bring lots of pictures of your desired shape and color. Better yet, never fear asking a complete stranger who cuts their hair if they have a style you covet. In addition to finding the right stylist, make sure you change your look often and get experimental with your cut. The emo image is all about creative expression, so use your hair as your canvas and don't be afraid to explore the possibilities.

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Layering Emo Hair