Light Ash Blond Shampoo In Hair Color

Ash blond color is simple with the right shampoo.

You won't be able to go from brunette to finding out if blondes really have more fun using light ash blond shampoo in hair color, but if your hair is already light, chances are you can successfully give your hair an update. Mellow out the golden hues in your hair with ash tones, giving your hair a cooler or more neutral tone.

Products to Try

For the Color

  • Jason has a blond hair temporary shampoo available. While it may not make your hair as ash blond as you'd like, it'll reveal blond highlights and make your hair shinier than before.
  • L'Oreal's Color Pulse Mousse in Cool Blonde is an easy to use mousse that washes out in 8-10 shampoos. Just slather it on your hair, wait a few minutes, rinse, and you're done! This one definitely won't work on hair much darker than your ideal shade; it won't lighten at all due to the lack of ammonia and peroxide.
  • If you're looking for a product with a little more staying power that you can still apply like you're simply shampooing, Clairol's Nice 'n Easy in Natural Light Ash Blonde is a good bet.

Protect and Correct

Sometimes, even if your color turned out well initially, your hair may turn brassy with time. Re-coloring isn't necessary. The brassiness can be toned down with a purple shampoo. You can also try Ardell's Red Gold Color Corrector.

A Word of Caution

Watch the undertones. If you choose a color with a blue undertone to put on your yellow-toned hair, you could wind up going green instead. That's a pretty nasty surprise to step out of the shower to. In most cases, boxed colors and shampoo-in colors are pretty fool-proof and can even be used to cancel out orange or gold tones without error, but if you have doubts, seek the help of a cosmetologist.

One more word to the wise: If your hair is dark, please don't try to lighten it more than one or two shades at home, especially not with the help of just light ash blond shampoo in hair color or a box from the drugstore. You could end up looking more like a clown than the glowing blond beauty you had in mind.

Color correction is expensive when you have to go into a salon, so it's best just to start there instead of setting out on your own if your hair is dark. In the best case scenario, if you have dark hair and try a shampoo in hair color for light hair, nothing will happen. Worst case, you'll get green, orange, or so much damage your hair breaks off at your scalp. Breakage usually occurs with stronger solutions though, as when bleach is used heavily, and mild products may not have that drastic of a result.


Expected Results from Light Ash Blond Shampoo In Hair Color

If you've started out with light hair and your undertones are complementary to a light ash blond color, you can expect a glowing, beautiful shade. If your hair was in pretty good shape to start with, chances are, it's shiny and luscious in appearance after coloring. New shampoo in and boxed color formula companies have worked to create products that nurture hair while adding interest to the color.In most cases, the result will be subtle. You'll probably get quite a bit of, "Something's different, but I don't know what" comments from friends and acquaintances.

Who Wears Ash Tones Well

People with cool coloring wear light ash blond hair best. How do you know if you're a cool or a warm? Here's a guide, according to Styles 101:

  • Eyes can be the deepest of browns, bordering on black; gray or dark blue; hazel with "cool" highlights like blue, white, or gray.
  • Hair (natural color) can be blue-black; deep, dark brown; medium ash or golden brown, dishwater blond; salt and pepper; or white.
  • Skin tone is the biggest factor, though. Cools have very dark brown; olive; medium or pale skin with no or a little pink tint to the cheeks; or brown/bronze when tan.

Using light ash blond shampoo in hair color can give your blonde locks a fresh, updated look easily and comfortably if you choose the right product and use it carefully. Enjoy the new look!

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