Lioness Shag Hairstyle

Long Lioness Style

The lioness shag hairstyle is a longer layered style that gives you a full look with a lot of body and bounce. Most shag hair styles done in this manner with long hair will have the look of a lion's mane, full and sexy at the top with long flowing tresses past the shoulders.

Lioness Style Origins

This thick, sexy style became popular in the 1970s when Farrah Fawcett sported a layered lioness style in her golden hair in the sitcom Charlie's Angels. She wore her hair in a layered, feathered style with shorter hair on the sides, while her mane was longer and thicker in the back. Depending on your specific style, the hair may have longer layers in the crown, and it may be a bit shorter on the sides of the hair than the top and the back of the hair so that volume is created. The hair, in this style, may appear to poof out at the top and taper in towards the face on the sides.

A lioness style with layers can also have multiple short layers on the top of the head so the hair will literally stand up when it is fingered combed. The hair will then gently cascade to the back.

Lioness Shag Hairstyle: How to Get the Style You Want

The best way to make sure that your new style resembles your vision is to locate photos of the shag that you want and ask your stylist to copy the style. Your hair may not look exactly like the photo due to your hair's texture and the condition of your hair, however. A good stylist will be honest with you and let you know if the style is not possible for your hair. The lioness shag is a long-length style, so you may need extensions to add length or fullness to your hair. The model in the picture you show your stylist may have extensions, too.

How to Add Volume

Even without extensions, it is possible to add a little more volume to your own hair. To get ultimate volume in hair that is naturally curly in a shag style, use a combination mousse and hair gel distributed evenly in the roots of the hair, and use your fingers to lift the hair up. Don't tease the hair, but use your fingers to try to lift your hair to the desired height. If you hair is not naturally curly, or if you want to smooth out your curls, set the hair on large curlers while it is wet. Add setting lotion, available where hair products are sold, to give the curls added hold. Setting lotion will also help reduce frizz for a smooth lioness look.

Next, get under the dryer to allow the hair to dry completely. Use your fingers to separate the curls in your layers. Shake your head and allow your hair to fall into a relaxed look. Depending on your hair type, you may choose to brush your hair with a round natural bristled brush or solely using your fingers.

Color that Mane

Color your hair golden for the perfect lioness mane. Shades of blonde are perfect for this style. If your hair is black or dark brown, lighten your hair or highlight it with bronze or copper streaks so that it would look as though it was kissed by the sun. You can also choose to darken your already black hair or use a color that gives your hair a black color so rich that it almost appears to be blue. Use a professional colorist to reduce the chance of damaging your mane. Once styling is complete, don't forget to maintain your look.

Maintaining the Style

Ladies with straight hair can maintain a full, curly lioness style by setting the hair on curlers at night. Remove the curlers in the morning and continue styling the hair with your fingers. If you have naturally curly hair, simply add a little gel and mousse to your hair in the morning and head out to sport your version of one of the lioness shag hairstyle.

A lioness shag hairstyle is a full, luxurious long hair option for a bold and beautiful look. While it isn't the right style for everyone, if you like thick, rich hair and eye-catching styles, give your mane this wild style.

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