Long Curly Hair Styles

Long curly hair style

Long curly hair styles are climbing in popularity. This natural look is often associated with young celebrities with flowing wavy locks.

Natural Curl

Naturally curly hair

Many people born with natural curls bemoan their waves and curls as a curse, while those with straight hair would count it a blessing. One way or another, we each must learn to work with the hair with which we are born. With today's hair products, those with naturally curly hair are offered more styling choices than ever. The availability of styling products manufactured to tame unruly curls allows users to create the desired long curly hair styles. For example, to create shiny loose curls, apply a soft shine wax to the ends of your hair. This will help avoid frizz. To fight the frizzies overall, apply a light mist of hair spray and comb your fingers through your hair to reach the lower layers.

If you have natural curly or wavy hair, and are considering long styles, plan a visit your stylist. When choosing a stylist, find one with experience with curly hair. Have them cut long layers to restore your curl and body. In the process, consider your lifestyle when choosing a hair style. If you don't have a lot of time to spend on your hair, ask your stylist to help you choose an easy-to-maintain look. With the right cut, you'll be able to wash and go.

Avoid using a brush on your naturally curly hair. For best results, use a big-toothed comb or a pick on wet hair. Most hair damage occurs while hair is wet. If you decide to blow dry your hair, use a sealer first to help prevent split ends and avoid high heat.

Curly Styles for Straight Hair

Curly style with straight hair

If you have a bit of natural wave to your hair, curly styles are easier to create and maintain. However, if your hair is very straight, it takes a bit more work. One way to create loose, bouncy curls that hold, is to use a curling iron. If parts of your hair don't curl well, use hair spray and curl the stubborn tress again.

Another option to create long curly styles is to buy hot rollers which take about ten minutes to heat and curl. For long hair, this might work better than a curling iron unless you're only curling the ends of your hair. Use hot rollers on clean hair, using your styling product on individual sections of hair to be curled. For a tighter curl, spray a light mist of hair spray onto the hair before wrapping it on the roller. If your hair has a hard time holding curl, use a hair spray that offers a firm hold.

Long Curly Styles for Wavy Hair

Using blow dryer

For loose sexy curls, choose a hair style product like a strong hold hair gel. Bend over and let your hair hang toward the floor and scrunch as your dry your hair using the cool setting on your hair dryer. Spray your hair with a little silk serum if you want to soften your hair. Bunch the hair in handfuls and continue blow drying until your hair is dry.

Finding the Right Cut

Finding the right cut is the key to long curly hair styles. Thicker hair gains bounce with long layers starting at the jaw and continuing through to the ends. Long layers can also help control curly hair.

Managing Natural Curls

Long layered curly hairstyle

Natural curly hairs tend to be dry. Use a good moisturizing shampoo and leave-in conditioner. The more you work the hair at the root, the frizzier it can become. If your hair is extremely dry, treat yourself to a once-a-month a deep conditioning treatment to replenish your hair. A liquid curl definer applied along the lengths of your curls gives a shiny glossy appearance.

Long curly hair styles can be glamorous and sexy or fun and flirtatious. Whether you have naturally curly locks or you create your own waves, there is a long curly style perfect for you.

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