Male Body Waxing

Muscular man with a smooth waxed back
A waxed back is good for showing off muscles.

Male body waxing is not for the faint-hearted! To be fair, it isn't usually that painful, but it does entail a commitment if you are determined to maintain smooth skin.

The Growth of Male Body Waxing

Hairlessness for men used to be confined solely to certain athletes, such as swimmers and body builders, along with drag queens and fetish artists. Increasingly, however, men in all areas of life are embracing the smoother look. Particularly for those who work out, they find that a little less hair means that their muscles are more visible.

More men are becoming comfortable with waxing now that it seems less specialized and more mainstream. Some salons cater exclusively to a male clientele, which increases the comfort factor and can help alleviate any concern that one is being a bit too focused on one's body. The fact is, excess body hair, such as that on the back, is considered by many people to be unattractive. While it's also true that obsessing over appearance is unhealthy, there's nothing wrong with a few small upgrades here and there.

Why Wax?

Swimmers wax because it improves performance. But why should a non-swimmer wax? Beyond the mere aesthetics, many men make the same claim as women who wax regularly - they feel cleaner.

Additionally, waxing can cut down on a lot of effort if there is body hair you wish to keep off permanently. Men who are balding and choose to shave their heads, rather than try plugs or toupees, may prefer to have their heads waxed for a smoother finish that lasts longer. Waxed hair usually grows back lighter and softer, making for both less sharp stubble and less need to remove the hair as often. Whereas one troubling side effect of waxing can be a loosening of the skin, this is less of a concern on the head.

Male body waxing is predominantly all about appearance, much the same as female waxing, and if it makes you happier, there is no good reason not to partake.

Common Areas for Waxing

Whereas women focus on legs, bikini line, and underarms, the areas most often targeted for male body waxing are the chest, back, and shoulders. The back and shoulders can be waxed quickly and efficiently, as most of the skin here is less sensitive. This can, however, be an expensive venture, because it is a large area to target. Additionally, if a man is very hairy, the hair may need to be trimmed before it can be waxed.

The chest requires more care, especially around the nipples, which are highly sensitive. It's important to visit a reputable salon and work with an experienced waxer if you're going to have your chest hair removed.

Remember, too, that male hair tends to be thicker than female hair, so it can be a long, laborious process to remove it. However, regular waxing will lessen the hair over time.

Home Treatments

For the man who is either too embarrassed to go to a salon or who wants to save some money, it can be worth trying to wax at home using kits sold in any drugstore. However, unless you have some help, you probably won't be able to wax your own back. You may find as well that the amount of time involved is more trouble than it's worth and in the end you're better off seeing a professional.

Since it can be difficult to reach the back with home waxing kits, it might be helpful to enlist the help of a friend or your significant other to assist you if waxing the back.

More Permanent Removal

As more men get serious about hair removal, they are exploring methods beyond waxing. Laser hair removal for men is becoming popular as a quick way to remove a lot of hair and keep it off for a longer time. But waxing remains less expensive and reasonably effective - it's a good option to consider when you're interested to see what you look like with smoother skin.

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