Male Hair Removal

Many men remove body hair.

Men are increasingly becoming more concerned with their personal image: hairless chests and hair-free backsides are just some of the reasons many consider male hair removal. There are several methods available for temporary or permanent hair removal. Be advised looking good isn't always easy and painless - male hair removal may hurt a little or a lot, but will produce the desired result when all options are thoroughly considered. Determining the best process of removal depends on the amount of hair you desire to rid, as well as your budget and your results.

Benefits of Male Hair Removal

Nobody wants to have excessive hair growth in unwanted areas, but hair removal goes beyond vanity. Often society and various cultures can affect one's self image if they're suffering from unwanted hair. Male models, actors, and athletes consider hair removal for performance, endurance and visual appeal.


Five o'clock shadow is a coined phrase we've all heard of. Here today, gone tonight, and back by 5:00 tomorrow, shaving produces short-term hair removal with a low cost combined with daily maintenance. Although time consuming, there's many benefits to shaving: it's quick, affordable, easy and relatively painless.

Most men consider shaving a daily grooming chore. Shaving with a razor is best reserved for small amounts of facial hair. If you plan on removing a large amount of hair, for example: long leg hair, it's best to wax those areas first and maintain the outgrowth through shaving.

Depilatory Creams

Hair removal creams, although moderately effective, produce a strong odor many people find intolerable. If you have sensitive skin, depilatory creams may be harsh and irritate the skin. Either way, creams are pretty painless and quick to apply. Men experimenting with depilatory creams should avoid application to the pubic and facial areas. Products such as Nair Hair Removal Cream can be used on the back, legs and arms safely. Application is quick and easy; rub on, wait, and rinse away the hair.


Beauty comes with no small price tag. Waxing, the most favored choice of male hair removal, is quite frankly, pretty darn painful. There's simply no way to sugar coat this raw method. The pros of waxing are obvious: waxing produces skin smooth as a baby's bottom skin while maintaining the newfound hairless state for at least one week. Although waxes and warmers are sold over the counter, don't attempt to wax without a professional. Book a salon visit and meet with an esthetician so they can perform the procedure as quickly and painlessly as possible. Waxing is by far the best method for back, leg, and pubic hair removal.



Laser hair removal is an extensive semi-permanent hair removal procedure performed by a professional. With a rate of 40-80 percent success, laser removal requires several repeated visits for desired results. During laser treatments, you will experience a slight stinging sensation as a laser instrument is held to the skin, forcing intense laser heat into the hair follicle. Laser treatments are quite costly and require a hefty pocketbook, and depending on your body chemistry, may not be completely permanent. Consider laser removal for small areas such as lip, eyebrows, underarm, and legs.


Electrolysis is the best bet for permanent hair removal. After a professional inserts a long narrow probe or needle into the hair follicle, zaps it with electric currents, and in turn kills the hair follicle, you can consider your hair problem as good as gone. The cost for this procedure can vary based on the depth of and the amount of hair being treated, but expect to foot a pretty penny. The procedure is painful and can be compared to the process of getting a tattoo. Several time consuming, costly visits will be required. Consider electrolysis for permanent removal of hair on the back, legs and arms.

Seeking Professional Help

Regardless of the reason for ridding unwanted body hair, seek the advice of a professional if you desire a permanent, long term result. A quick (often free) consultation will help you decide the best option and method for your male hair removal needs.

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