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Marie Osmond
Marie Osmond

Marie Osmond hairstyles have changed quite a bit since her days starring in Donnie and Marie. This Dancing with the Stars celebrity not only embraces her girly side with an ever-growing collection of self-designed porcelain dolls, she also knows how to compliment her own facial shape, hair type, and rich brunette color flawlessly.

Ideas for Marie Osmond Hairstyles

No matter the cut, Marie Osmond's hair always has one thing in common: bangs. If this 1970's star has become your beauty muse, take a look at some of her changing looks over the years for some hair inspiration.

Long and Straight

Marie has played in the world of straight hair without fear, proving that long and straight hair can be classic and chic at the same time. To keep a long cut modern, opt for some face framing fringe with an eye-opening or wide bang. Extreme bangs that extend to the width of the jaw are edgy and give more focus on the eyes when combined with a few side layers. Tools such as a straightening iron flatten out the cuticle and impart a natural sheen to the hair, enhancing the sleek lines. With a few hair highlights or hair lowlights shades thrown into the style, long and straight hair is red carpet ready without sacrificing length.

Layered and Wispy

On Dancing with the Stars, Marie's hair had extreme movement thanks to her strategically placed layers. Thick hair types benefit from layers because they give hair more manageability and less bulk around the bottom of the cut, avoiding an unwanted triangle effect. Certain facial shapes also benefit from layers. Round face shapes such as Marie's are complimented when face framing layers are added to the cut. Face framing layers work to highlight features such as the eyes or the cheekbones while adding height and length and reducing unwanted bulk.

Layered hair styles work on almost every hair type and can instantly change a style without removing too much length. Medium length hair works best with layers, so be prepared to remove enough hair to gain the versatility in a wispy layered cut. Layers do require a bit more styling, so invest in a great hair dryer and a round brush to add fullness and height. A finishing product such as a molding paste or texturizing crème will separate the layers while adding a light hold.


The fashion and beauty world has long embraced bangs for instant hair gratification. Marie has worn bangs through the years, no matter the cut or color. Although bangs work on almost everybody, they tend to enhance delicate facial features. If you have extreme facial features such as a prominent nose or eyes, ask your stylist for a second opinion before making the fringe. A variation of a bang may work best on your face while adding a much needed special effect. Either way, bangs work wonders accenting features and can instantly add drama to a cut.

Spicy Color


Beautiful brunettes like Marie Osmond look fabulous when accenting their deep and decadent hair color with spicy copper or mocha hued highlights. Marie's hair color remained conservative during her time in the spotlight, yet always has a burst of color accent. Brunettes like Marie can experiment with chunking color techniques in lieu of allover color. If your hair is naturally brunette, ask your colorist to add a few artistically placed copper highlights. Richening your base color to a red brown first will help lift the color to the desired shade of copper.

Styling Tools

No matter the cut or color, the right tools for the job are a requirement when recreating hair trends or looks.

The following styling tools are a must have when creating a variety of Marie Osmond hair.

  • Hot rollers
  • Hair spray
  • Teasing comb
  • Round brush
  • Straightening iron
  • Shine serum
  • Texturizing cream or balm

Marie Osmond hairstyles are proof that you can have a classic look while embracing versatility and trends in traditionally feminine style.

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Marie Osmond Hairstyles