Martina McBride Hairstyles

Martina McBride

Beautiful country star Martina McBride hairstyles are very popular -- and no wonder. Long or short, straight or wavy, McBride always manages to look elegant and chic.

A Variety of Martina McBride Hairstyles

The Grammy-award winning singer has mostly worn her hair long and burgundy colored, but she's one of those rare lucky women who also looks great with short and sassy hair. Any shade of brunette hair - dark or light - seems to suit her as well.

Wavy Layers

For a long haired look, one Martina McBride hairstyle is wavy with long layers and wispy ends. Side layers are cut to frame her face and jaw line. If your face is oval or square and your hair is thick, this could be a great look for you. The only problem is that it requires a lot of styling - you won't have a professional stylist on hand every day like Martina does.

To get the look, apply mousse to damp hair and use a round brush and a hair dryer to fluff out the back and the sides. Set your hair in rollers and piece the ends using molding cream. Use more molding cream to lift the roots. Remove the rollers and apply a smoothing shine cream and hairspray to keep all that hard work in place.

Long and Straight

A straight long hairstyle also requires a fair bit of work to look right, even though it's deceptively simple. The layers are short and shaped and short bangs worn off to the side, adding definition to the face. Again, you have to have medium to thick hair to carry this off well. To style, apply moisturizer and then sculpture lotion. Part the hair either to the left or right, whichever suits you best (Martina wore it to the left). Section the hair and blow-dry the back and sides with a medium round brush. Dry the crown and then bangs, forward to the side. When you are done, wax the back of your hair and then the sides (using slightly less wax). Lift the roots and wax down the bangs. Apply smoothing shine cream and hairspray. It is a lot of fuss, but will look great.

A Medium Length Martina McBride Hairstyle

This look gives you a touch of vintage glamour with a modern sensibility. With side-swept bangs and the ends curled, you'll look elegant and sophisticated. Begin with mousse and part your hair to one side. Using a large round brush, blow-dry the back and then the sides under. Blow-dry your bangs forward to the opposite side on which you parted your hair. Blow-dry the top under. Then use a large curling iron to curl the mid-lengths and ends of your hair. Finish with smoothing shine and lacquer.

Short Martina McBride Hairstyles


As beautiful as Martina McBride's long hairstyles are, she also wears a sassy short hairstyle with flair. A razored cut gives her soft ends and a wispy look. The bangs are feathered and swept to the side. Achieve this look by first applying mousse and then parting the hair to one side. Use a small round brush and blow-dry out the back. Blow-dry the sides straight and the top under. Blow-dry the bangs forward and to the opposite side of the part. Wax them into shape. Then apply styling wax to the back of the hair and the sides, pulling them forward and creating wisps. For a sleeker look with this same cut, use a softer gel and a medium round brush to sculpt the layers as you blow-dry. Use the brush to lift and separate the layers. Then use a medium size curling iron or rollers to get more volume at the roots. If you want it smoother yet, use a smaller brush. Whatever you do, spray to keep it in place.

Martina McBride hairstyles are elegant and glamorous without looking overdone. While they do take a lot of styling to achieve just the right look, with practice you can have the same country star flair of this popular singer.

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Martina McBride Hairstyles