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Meg Ryan attends the AFI Life Achievement Award gala 2017

Meg Ryan's hair has evolved considerably over the course of her film career. Her hairstyle first made waves with the public during her 1989 performance in When Harry Met Sally. Though some portions of the film featured Ryan in a short ash-blonde wig, the majority of her screen time was highlighted by a thick mop of golden curls. Her covetously voluminous mane triggered a positive response from viewers. Today, though the actress is a bit older, her trademark blonde hair still remains enviable to women everywhere.

Meg Ryan's Specific Hair Type

Meg Ryan has explored a variety of hairstyles, some of which have been more successful than others because of her small narrow face shape. Women who want to mimic any of Meg Ryan's styles may not actually achieve the same styling results. Copying a famous celebrity hair style is not always as simple as submitting a photograph to your hair stylist. Though your stylist can attempt to snip your locks into a similar shape, your own hair texture and quality will affect the overall results.

Textured Layered Bob

Meg Ryan has medium texture blonde hair, and she boasts lots of it. Her hair's natural volume is emphasized by its inherently wavy to curly qualities. Women with fine hair can easily request a bouncy layered bob, like Meg Ryan wore well in You've Got Mail. However, fine thin hair may not hold the style as easily as Meg's abundant locks.

Meg Ryan's Different Hairstyles

Long Straight Hair

Long Straight Hair

The actress also garnered a lot of attention from the ultra-long straight hairstyle she displayed during her 2000 appearance in Hanging Up. This long flat-ironed style is by far the hardest for the average woman to attempt. A successful long straight hair style is dependent upon excellent hair health. Fine hair is difficult to grow long, as the battle with split ends and styling damage can be daunting. Meg actually had quite a bit of help from hair extensions in order to pull off this look.

Shag Hair Cut

Shag Hair Cut

If you envy the lively bounce of Meg Ryan's hair, do note that this bounce is not the result of morning-fresh bedhead. Meg's hair is routinely blown out and then crafted into the desired level of wave or curl. The star wears this sexy shag in her film French Kiss. To mimic this delightful shag in a low-key way, use mousse in towel dried hair. However, to create the exact look featured in French Kiss you'll definitely have to speak to your stylist.

Choppy Bob

Choppy Bob

Many of Meg's hairstyles rely on a fun piecey and choppy look. The chop effect is the result of a specialized hair cut, but this piecey effect requires hair products such as styling waxes and a reliable mousse. If your budget simply cannot accommodate the expense of salon-quality styling products, then a piecey look can be aided by a salt-water spray. Simply add a tablespoon or more of salt into a cup of water. Then, pour the mixture into a spray bottle and mist your hair lightly. This inexpensive method will help you achieve the semi-stiff piecey hair quality you can experience after a day at the beach.

Try It On

If you want to test out one of Meg's hair styles to see if if will work for you before comitting to the cut and color, you can try it on in a virtual hair styling environment.

  • The Hairstyler offers four slightly different variations of Meg's signature style you can try on.
  • Daily Makeover's Virtual Makeover has one of Meg's short looks and one of her shoulder length styles you can try on. (Choose Meg Ryan from the celebrity index).

Styling Considerations

Meg Ryan's hairstyles have given this star an iconic status. Still, many women can easily be fooled into thinking such "simple" hairstyles are easy to reproduce. Your best bet for achieving the same results as Meg Ryan's is to ensure that your hair type is parallel to Meg's. Bring your favorite picture of Meg Ryan's hair to your stylist to get the look you want. Even if you can't get the exact style, your hairdresser may still be able to work your locks into a similar design.

Moreover, though your stylist may achieve your desired cut, you will also want to make sure that your face shape is enhanced by such a style. Meg Ryan's narrow and slender face is well-accentuated by pixie and bob cuts that might appear too overbearing against a fuller face. Use high quality glossing serums, styling waxes, and mousses to emphasize volume. Lastly, don't forget to deep condition your hair often in order to compensate for any styling damage.

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