Men's Alternative Hairstyles

Men's alternative spiked hairstyle
Slight spikes are an alternative to a buzz.

There are many variations of men's alternative hairstyles available for the guy who craves a distinctive and individual look.

Popular Men's Alternative Hairstyles

Perhaps you're just seeking change and know that a traditional buzz cut style just isn't your thing. Maybe the fashionable way that you dress, such as grunge, rocker or emo in style, calls for a hair style that is equally fresh and unique.

Many hip and stylish men's alternative hairstyles are easy to wear, easy to work with, and always cool without being over the top.


Whether you can play guitar or not is not the question when it comes to a classic and cool rocker hairstyle. Rocker and Indie hair cuts are a sexy way to show the world that you'd rather be out listening to live music, even while spending nine to five behind the cubicle desk. Rocker cuts can be conservative enough for the office, yet cool enough for the downtown music scene.

To get a hip rocker cut, keep hair at a longer length that can be combed back by day, and tousled with a molding paste at night. This look craves some color, so hit the stylist chair and throw in a few artistically placed hair highlights or lowlights shades.

Bed Head

Thanks to popular celebrities who sport messy and tousled locks, the bed head look has become more coveted. Bed head used to be part of the punk rock culture scene, but now men are seen hitting the construction site with perfectly coifed bed head hair. Whether intentional or unintentional, certain cut techniques help to make bed head look its best. Before you visit the salon for a messy cut, you may need to grow out your locks a bit. Bed head works best on hair that's at least two inches long. Don't fret, the sides and back of this style can be cropped short to keep your style clean and sporty at the same time. For styling, reach for pomade such as American Crew's Classic Wax.


Emo hair styles are wonderfully creative and expressive. Styling emo hair takes a little bit of work and effort, since every strand should be artfully placed. Emo hair is usually long with short bangs and face framing layers. The style can be worn spiky, or flattened out with a straightening iron and glossed with a shine serum or wax.

Emos love to show their colorful side, so don't be afraid of some funky color. Many emos color their hair jet black and add bold chunks of blue, red, or purple streaks. This style, while notably creative and expressive, may raise a brow to potential employers or educational facilities. Before you go crazy with your do, make sure you're able to wear it well without causing unwanted controversy. Often times, many emos save their creativity and unique hairstyling for a night out with their friends who appreciate their original style.

Man with longer layered hairstyle
Go long for a great look.

Long Locks

Gone may be the days of head banging, but there's always room for the guy who wants to fit in with the motorcycle and metal crowd. The best advice for the guy who wants long hair is to make sure the condition of the hair is protected and kept shiny in order to look its best. Avoid damaging color and bleach, and trim ends every eight to twelve weeks to remove unsightly split ends. Men with long hairstyles also need a conditioner that helps detangle hair without snapping the hair shaft. Deep conditioners once a month add much needed shine to your hair.

Make a Change

Rather than slip into the mold of traditional men's hairstyles, why not define your look with something a little different? If you crave variety, grow out your locks just a bit and explore men's alternative hairstyles. Change is always good.

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