Modern Hairstyles

Fringe bangs are a popular and easy modern look.

Modern hairstyles tend to emphasize a natural, lightly tousled look, although not too messy. Hair styles with bangs and shine are very much in, as are long layers. Of course, everything old is also new again and one of the many advantages of the modern era is that style isn't dictated. Whatever looks good on you is exactly how your hair ought to be.

Short Modern Hairstyles

The favorite short modern style is still the classic 1920s bob, with some updates. Worn sleek with bangs, the bob is a sassy, fun look that's especially great if you have straight hair. You can wear it as either one length or have it cut a bit longer in the front, which will add definition to your jaw. A blunt cut is good for thick hair. If you have finer hair, you should opt for a layered bob. It gives the hair more texture and body and will be naturally tousled for days when you don't want to put in much effort. It's also more flexible for styling when you want to glam things up a bit.

Short curly hair, whether natural or created with curling irons or rollers, is all about being thick and loose. Tight curls can look over-controlled and a bit too much like a poodle - they're great if you have longer hair, but short curls should have a gentle, natural flow. The curls should be defined, but not overly styled. Use just enough product to keep them in place and control frizz.

One final note on bobs - slightly different cuts can make a big difference depending on the shape of your face. Bring some pictures to show your stylist, but also let them advise you as to what will flatter you most.

Long Modern Styles


Long layers allow for a lot of styling flexibility, which is great for the modern woman who wants as much variety in her hair as she has in her life. With long layers, you can wear your hair straight and piecey, or style it into loose, romantic curls.

Of course, long hair also allows you to do simple, classic styles like a variety of braids, updo styles, and the always popular ponytail. Even if you get a slightly asymmetrical cut, you should still be able to pull off most of these styles, adding simplicity yet more variety to your look.

While stick-straight hair isn't as popular as it was a few years ago, it's still a favorite option for women whose hair is naturally wavy and prone to frizz. If you don't want to commit to having your hair salon-straightened, there are any number of high-quality ceramic hair straighteners on the market that are quick and easy to use, even on stubborn hair. Be sure to use them with a good product that protects the hair and promotes shine.

Quick Long Hair

If you're growing out a bob and want to wear long modern hairstyles, the good news is that hair extensions are more natural looking and reasonably priced than ever. While they can look great and are relatively easy to maintain, you should still consult with your stylist before getting extensions. Your stylist can help you choose the extensions that best match your own locks and advise you as to those that will be healthiest and most comfortable to wear. Don't go just anywhere - not everyone can put in extensions properly and they can pull or otherwise damage your own hair when done incorrectly.

Touching Up Your Style

A bit of extra color is a lively modern trend, with the preference still being for something natural. hair highlights or hair lowlights shades will add some interest and definition, whatever your style. Again, you should definitely consult with a professional colorist before going this route - you want shades that complement and enhance your own color.

Unique Modern Looks

Although mainstream modern hair may opt for more natural styles, other popular modern looks for hair are based on being daring and different. Dark emo hair, red and pink punk highlights, uniquely braided hair, and other non-conformist styles are also a modern hair option.

Ultimately, modern hairstyles look are all about being creative and happy with your hair. If it feels right, go for it!

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