Mohawk Hair Gallery

Classic Mohawk

The Mohawk is a popular type of extreme hair style, and this Mohawk hair gallery offers a glimpse of the many different types of Mohawk styles that are found today.

About the Mohawk

The Mohawk is derived from the Native American Mohican hair style, worn by Mohican tribes. The Mohican style involved shaving one or both sides of the head as a symbol of a young man's adulthood and warrior prowess. It was also a functional style, since hair was likely to become tangled in a bowstring and shaving the side of the head prevented that.

Modern Mohawks were first introduced in the 1960s and evolved to a popular fad for punk hair styles in the 1970s and 1980s. During the 1980s, especially, there were dozens of variations of Mohawk styles that ranged from buzzed looks to bright colors to radically creative styles.

Today's Mohawk hair styles have a wide range of looks and different characteristics, including:

  • Color: Many Mohawks are elaborately colored, though natural hair colors are also popular choices for a less shocking style.
  • Length: Mohawks can be any length, from short buzzes to long hair teased to new heights.
  • Shape: A classic Mohawk is straight, but spikes, fans, and curls are popular variations.
  • Placement: Traditionally a Mohawk is in the center of the scalp, but side Mohawks can be found as well. Mohawks can also vary in terms of where they start and end on the head, and some Mohawks may even have more than one rigid line of hair.

Creating Your Mohawk

The key to creating the best Mohawk for you is to find one that fits your personality. These extreme styles can be fun as a radical change, or simpler versions can even be appropriate as professional styles. The more outrageous the style the more hair gel and hair spray will be required to keep it in place, and an elaborate Mohawk may need to be touched up during the day to keep its straight, stiff look.Click on the Mohawk pictures below to be taken to additional articles about different style characteristics.

Mohawk Hair Gallery

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Mohawk Hair Gallery