Natasha Richardson Hairstyles

Natasha Richardson

Although she will be missed eternally, Natasha Richardson hairstyles are a great way to channel this late actress's natural and feminine beauty.

The Style of Natasha Richardson

When it came to Natasha Richardson's red carpet routine, there was no signature look. She was a natural and charming woman who relied strongly on her facial structure and fabulous physique to effortlessly flaunt her hair's versatility.

Natasha had a fabulous array of sexy and gorgeous hair styles that were copied for their undeniably feminine shapes. If you like styling your hair and playing with a multitude of looks, these Natasha inspirations are easy to follow!

The Cut

Prior to recreating her fabulous style, you'll need a Natasha Richardson cut first. While Natasha's hair length and style changed slightly throughout her years in the spotlight, she almost always relied on soft layers in a medium to long cut. Her hair was full of natural body, so ladies with wave can easily opt for her cut and get the same results.

While Natasha never seemed to fear the scissors, she seemed to shy away from bangs. Longer, chin length or a fully grown out perimeter opened up her face and framed her natural beauty. To capture Natasha's sexy hairstyle, keep hair in a healthy condition and opt for regular trims every 8 to 12 weeks. For color, sunny highlights work on nearly everyone and keep maintenance lower than an allover color.

Types of Natasha Richardson Hairstyles

Loose Curls

Natasha relied on many loose curl looks for their feminine and touchable appeal. You can create similar curls with ease by investing in either a jumbo curling iron or a set of hot rollers. For best results, start with day old hair and set. Mist hair lightly with hairspray while the rollers cool. If you're working with a curling iron, wrap sections no wider than one inch around the curling iron rod and wrap up in a spiral shape. Once hair is curled, lightly tousle with your fingers and go!

Full of Body

For those days when you crave a bold and full look, you'll want to add volume and height with round brushes and a blow dryer. To create Natasha's smooth and sophisticated look, work a smoothing serum through hair from the scalp to the ends. Blow dry hair on a medium heat setting and blow dry using your hands only until hair is at least 75 percent dry. While drying, use your fingers to lift the hair up from the scalp, focusing on the crown area. Once hair is almost dry, section it and start styling with a round brush, directing the heat down the shaft of the hair as you wrap the brush around. For extra hold, you can lightly mist each section with hairspray prior to working with your brush.

Long and Sleek

In addition to her full and fabulous hair shapes, sometimes Natasha opted for a sleek and chic look.

To recreate this look, apply a leave in conditioner or a smoothing serum to freshly washed hair. Blow dry hair in a downward fashion tugging on the ends while keeping volume to a minimum. A paddle brush can help hold the hair taut while keeping it flat. Once hair is dry, you may use a straightening iron to add sheen and sleekness. Finish with a light mist of hairspray and a glosser for added shine.

Soft Updos

If you want to recreate any of Natasha's feminine updos, natural and sexy is the key. Natasha flaunted her effortless style by lightly pinning her tendrils or full bodied locks up and away from her face. Small bobby pins and rhinestone accessories are a few good investments if you want to mimic her red carpet looks. Stay away from fussy or formal styles, since Natasha seemed to favor loose, messy updos and easy shapes.

Get Inspired

Natasha was a beautiful woman who inspired many different hairstyles. With a few styling tools and a bit of practice, you can easily recreate her signature looks.

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