Olsen Twins Hair Style

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen

Mary-Kate and Ashley Fuller Olsen have been setting fashion and hair style trends since before they were a year old, and today many teenage girls try to emulate the Olsen twins' hair style of loose, flowing locks and a carefree chic appearance.

Olsen Twins Hair Style Changes

Born on June 13, 1986, these fraternal twins began their celebrity career through the shared role of Michelle Tanner on the hit family comedy, Full House. During their years of growing up as the precocious toddler, they often sported pigtails and ponytails in their strawberry blonde locks. Bangs were also a staple of their early years, but as they have grown up and garnered more media attention as stunning teen celebrities, they have grown their hair longer and developed a "boho-chic" style with long, naturally flowing strands without extensive or elaborate styles.

The sisters have a very close relationship and often mimic one another's styles. While their most frequent look is a carefree and purposefully messy style, they have also adopted straightened styles on occasion for a sleek, sophisticated appeal.



The twins are naturally blonde with stunning red highlights, though each one has adopted dyed shades at different times. Cool blonde, rich auburn and deep brunette hues have come and gone with the help of professional colorists. Mary-Kate is more prone to radical changes, but after seeing how those changes work, her sister Ashley frequently makes similar choices.

Mimicking the Olsen Twins Hair Style

Recreating Mary-Kate and Ashley's hair styles is not difficult. Long hair is necessary, though individuals with short hair can use extensions to achieve the classic tousled look if desired.

  1. Wash hair thoroughly and apply volumizing conditioner to the roots for added volume without excess weight.
  2. Using a large-barreled curling iron, create curls with one inch portions of hair, alternating over- and under-rolling techniques to emphasize the tousled look.
  3. Once finished, loosen curls gently with fingers but avoid brushing which will destroy the locks.
  4. Apply a quick burst of hair spray to help the curls hold and minimize frizz.
  5. Wear the style with generous sections pulled to the front over both shoulders to truly imitate the Olsen twins' look.

Because the Olsen twins' hair style has been seen in various colors over the past several years, there is no one color that is best, though the most frequent shades are dark blonde to medium brown, both with generous highlights for added depth and texture. Additional tips to keep this bohemian style looking fabulous include:

  • Use moisturizing conditioner to keep hair healthy and sleek.
  • Opt for regular trims to taper the ends of the hair and remove split ends.
  • Experiment with other styles by creating messy ponytails or casual updos, both of which have been worn by Mary-Kate and Ashley.


Because their boho-chic style emphasizes a natural look with earth tones and subtle fabrics, the Olsen twins' hair styles don't use many accessories. Simple head bands in suede or leather are in keeping with the style, as are simple ponytail holders or subtle ribbons.

Is this Style Right for Me?

While this fashionably flustered style may seem easy to create, it can be difficult to maintain. Individuals with delicate or brittle hair will find it difficult to grow long locks to sport the style, and any chemical coloring treatments can dry hair quickly. For a similar look that is more suitable to your hair care needs and lifestyle, consult a professional stylist and consider natural hair care techniques that can create stunning bohemian styles no matter what your initial look.

With a net worth exceeding $150 million each and consistently ranked as some of the most popular and powerful celebrities in the world, it is no wonder that the Olsen twins' hair styles are poplar choices for today's teens and young women. Their signature carefree looks are perfect for anyone who wants to look like they don't spend too much time on their hair but still wants to look like a million bucks.

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Olsen Twins Hair Style