Oprah Winfrey Hair Style

Oprah Winfrey with a flip hair style.

No female media personality has influenced society more in the past two decades than Oprah Winfrey. Her dedication to exploring both pertinent and controversial topics has raised society's consciousness about many issues, and her impeccable style and individualistic flair is inspiring to women around the globe. Because of that inspiration, many women adopt an Oprah Winfrey hair style not only to show their admiration, but simply because the style is classic, elegant, and manageable.

Oprah's Background

From impoverished roots, Oprah Winfrey rose to prominence in the media and entertainment ranks at an early age. At age 17, she began her media career working at a local radio station in Tennessee, progressing quickly to a local television news anchor and guest host of local talk shows. At age 18, she became Miss Black Tennessee, showcasing her classic features and winning smile to benefit different causes. Her charisma and appeal led to more prominent opportunities, and on September 8, 1986, the first Oprah Winfrey show was nationally broadcast.

Today, Oprah has been labeled by a number of organizations and publications as the most influential woman in the world, not only because of her media experience and the tremendous following her show and other ventures (including a book club, numerous charities, O Magazine, and her film career) have created, but because of her tremendous philanthropy toward a variety of causes. Oprah routinely donates large portions of her wealth to charities and non-profit organizations, and she has founded several charitable organizations with her own capital. Her current net worth is estimated to be greater than $1.5 billion.

About Oprah Winfrey Hair Styles

With her tremendous influence, it is no surprise that Oprah Winfrey hair styles are popular options for stylish black women. Oprah's fashion and beauty tips have sparked revolutions and influenced trends for years, and her classic styles have remained a prominent feature in her appearance for decades.


Throughout the years of her show, Oprah's hair styles have radically changed, and have included styles such as:

  • Short shags with multiple face-framing layers, as seen on her first national show in 1986
  • Teased and volumized "big hair" styles in the late 1980s that reflected the popularity of volume and poof of the time
  • Short and medium length bobs in the mid-1990s with the layers tapered to her face shape
  • Straightened and sleek longer styles in the late 1990s
  • Medium and long styles with flipped-out ends in recent years
  • Curls and updos for special occasion appearances or holiday events
  • Occasional wigs or other hairpieces when necessary to create styles in a short amount of time

As a media personality, Oprah changes her hair styles every few years to keep her look fresh and updated - a trick that many people can adopt to keep their own looks trendy and stylish. Whether you opt for an exclusively distinctive Oprah Winfrey hair style or adapt her looks to suit your personality and hair care needs, however, following this celebrity's tricks for great hair is a sure-fire way to create a great style.

Keys to a Great Oprah Winfrey Hair Style

Whether her hair is short and tapered or long and wavy, Oprah employs several common-sense tricks to keep her style looking its best.

  • Always keep hair thoroughly conditioned to protect its strength and health.
  • The style should be neat and coordinated with your facial features, face shape, and personality.
  • Accessories are kept to a minimum and typically only used for special occasions.
  • Layers are a natural volume boost and healthier than apply strong chemicals.
  • Opt for a subtle style to coordinate with your overall look (including jewelry, fashion, and makeup) rather than trying to make a distinctive impression with hair alone.

By taking advantage of the natural beauty of your hair and using it to its best effect to create a stylish overall look, it is possible to emulate the sophistication and elegance of an Oprah Winfrey hair style, whether you choose an identical cut or simply use Oprah's beauty sense as inspiration to develop your own attention-grabbing style. .

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Oprah Winfrey Hair Style