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Paris Hilton Hair Style

Any Paris Hilton hair style is perfect for a woman who simply wants to look "hot." Paris' blonde hair allows fans and followers of this heiress to label her as a dumb blonde. However, her versatile hair is one of the many reasons she is so popular. Every time Paris makes a public appearance, her hair is styled differently, which has created a media frenzy - with reporters attempting to figure out how she will wear her hair next, determine whether or not she's wearing hair extensions, and report suggestions on how to replicate Paris' style of the day.

Vibrant and Healthy Hair


Yes, Paris' hair is very blonde, and yes, it is long and beautiful, but it didn't get that way by accident. One thing about Paris Hilton is that she takes care of her hair (or shall we say, someone else takes care of her hair!).In reality, Paris' real hair color is not as blonde as it normally appears because she does get it professionally colored. Anyone attempting to achieve the same blonde tone as Paris' hair should have the color administered by a professional hair stylist. A stylist can also make recommendations about how to keep hair as healthy as Paris'.

Hair Scandals


Most celebrities are involved in one or more scandals during their careers, and Paris Hilton is no exception. Paris is known for being involved in many different types of situations, but she is commonly a target of typical celebrity hair scandals.Most commonly, Paris Hilton hair styles have been in the media for the following reasons:

  • She is wearing hair extensions
  • She took out her hair extensions
  • Her hair was damaged by hair extensions
  • Her hair is in bad condition due to excessive coloring and styling
  • She is wearing a new designer hair accessory in her hair
  • She has hired a new hair stylist

For some reason, the public has taken to following the plight of Paris Hilton's hair and how it seems to be perfectly re-styled every time she makes a public appearance. It's also a topic of gossip if she ever enters the public realm with imperfect looking hair.

Paris as a Brunette

Will a Paris Hilton hair style ever be colored red or brown? This is a common question for those who believe that Paris' hair might look better if it were not bleached blonde.

Paris' sister, Nicky, used to have blonde hair, and she has gradually converted herself into a non-blonde. Because her sister made the change, many people believe that Paris will eventually convert her hair to a darker shade than its current color.

However, Paris is famous as a "dumb blonde," so it may be impossible for her to maintain her persona if her hair color is altered. In fact, Paris has been quoted numerous times in various media outlets that she loves her hair color and does not want to change it.

Typical Paris Hilton Hair Styles


With Paris Hilton, it is anyone's guess on what hair style she will choose on any given day. Some of the most popular styles that she wears are:

  • Long and straight
  • Short with braids
  • Long layers with bangs swept to the side
  • A half updo
  • A full updo

No matter what style is chosen, Paris' hair almost always looks perfect for any public appearance.

Paris Hilton's Website

For more information on Paris Hilton, visit her website. Listed on the site is information on future public appearances. Attending a live appearance is the perfect opportunity to see her hair up close, and admire how well her hair style compliments her face, her outfit, and her personality.

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Paris Hilton's Hair Styles