Paula Deen Haircut

Paula Deen

The Paula Deen haircut is a medium-length shag cut that makes this celebrity chef and queen of Southern cuisine always look her best. The style features soft, angled layers all over the head. It is typically blown dry to create a full, slightly curled look with soft flips that frame the face.

Style Specifics

Paula's cut falls anywhere from her chin to her shoulder blades in length. The style features layers cut all around the back, sides, and top, most prominently around the face. It has fullness with height at the top as well as width on the sides. The sides curl back away from her face, and the top may be back-combed slightly at the roots for added height. The style does not have a definite part, but it usually curves softly to one side. Paula usually wears a feathery, side-swept bang across her forehead, although at times the style does not have a pronounced bang.

Styling the Paula Deen Haircut

With a proper cut, Paula's look should take no longer than 30 minutes to style, following some basic steps:

  1. Apply styling mousse or lightweight gel to damp hair, paying special attention to the root area for maximum fullness.
  2. Blow dry, using your fingers to remove the excess moisture from the hair.
  3. While the hair is still slightly damp, begin to use a small, round, natural-bristle brush to style the hair as you blow it dry. A natural bristle brush will not break or cause damage to the hair.
  4. Starting at the nape of the neck, place the brush under the section of hair and turn it under as you blow it dry. Pull the hair from the roots and keep the blow dryer above the hair.
  5. When the back is dry, continue moving up the head to the crown, keeping the brush beneath each hair section and the dryer on top. At the crown, take sections no bigger than the diameter of the brush and blow the hair dry in an upward direction at the roots and an outward motion along the shafts and ends to create volume.
  6. Next, move to one side, and take a vertical section from ear to temple that is no wider than the diameter of the brush. Place the brush on top of the hair and, starting at the roots, brush it slowly back, following with the blow dryer. When this section is dry, move to the one directly behind and repeat the procedure until the entire side is dry. Then move to the other side.
  7. When the sides are dry, you are ready to move to the front and bang area. Lift with the brush at the roots to create lift, keeping the blow dryer above the hair. For a full bang, blow the shafts and ends of the bang area dry in a downward motion, curling the ends under with the brush. For a side-swept bang, blow dry diagonal sections to one side or the other.To finish the style, back comb slightly at the base of the crown for lift.
  8. Apply styling wax to the tips of your fingers and pinch it onto the ends of the hair to "piece the ends" and create definition. Finish with a light to medium-hold hairspray.

Flattering on Almost Anyone

The Paula Deen haircut is flattering on virtually every face shape and hair type. It can be worn straight, wavy, or curly, and is especially attractive on thick hair. It is beautiful on women of all ages and is casual, polished and professional for daytime or evening.

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Paula Deen Haircut