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Paula Young Wigs ( has provided hairpieces and wigs to thousands of clients for over 20 years. Learn more about the pricing, selection and quality that makes their wigs top sellers in the industry.


In 1978, Paula Young Wigs was established to meet women's wig and hairpiece needs. Whether necessity or fashion, Paula Young had a wig to fit the unique needs of their customers. As the company approaches their 30th year of existence, they have served over a million customers. With top quality products, affordable pricing and exceptional customer service, Paula Young has become the largest wig retailer in the industry.

Quality Materials

Paula Young Wigs have a long history of designing wigs and hairpieces that are flattering and well constructed. They use top quality materials, including superior synthetic hair fibers for their synthetic products and 100 percent human hair for their human hair wigs. All products are created with varying shades and thicknesses to create a truly natural look. Additionally, their quality control process ensures that every product shipped meets their standards.


Paula Young has always offered a large selection of hair styles to suit the unique needs of their customers, from coverage for thinning hair to providing alternative style options. Wigs are available in varying lengths and textures, in a variety of hair colors. Wig designers include:

  • Paula Young
  • Christine Jordan
  • Gabor Collection
  • NewHair by Especially Yours

These wigs can be styled with conventional styling tools, such as hair dryers and curling irons, as well as cut by a stylist for a truly personalized look.

Paula Young Wigs Web Site

The Paula Young Web site makes shopping for wigs simple. The available products are categorized on the left side of the page so visitors can locate just the right wig. Among the categories are:

  • Best Selling Wigs - discover which popular styles other women are buying.
  • Wig Colors - shop for a specific hair color.
  • Newest Wigs - you're a click away from finding the latest and greatest style.
  • Wig Lengths - shop by short, mid-length or long styles.
  • Wig Styles - choose from straight, wavy or curly.
  • Lightweight Wigs - easily locate Paula Young's WhisperLite wigs.
  • African American Wigs - offers a stylish selection of African American options.

Easy Online Shopping

With an easy-to-use Web site, Paula Young customers can easily browse through the catalog and read comprehensive descriptions of each product. Online purchases are simple to make and the Paula Young customer service is top-notch. Every product is backed by a "satisfaction guaranteed" promise. Any of their products may be exchanged or returned for a refund within 60 days of the original ship date.

Helpful Information

The official Web site,, provides a wealth of online information. Click on the "Helpful Information" link at the bottom of any page to quickly locate answers to questions about:

  • Choosing Your Wig - Learn how to properly measure your head for just the right fit, tips for choosing wig styles, and how to determine the right color choice.
  • Ordering Your Wig - Paula Young answers your questions about shipping rates and how to return or exchange an item.
  • Caring For Your Wig - Discover how to prepare your wig for wearing, instructions for cleaning, and how to style it beautifully.
  • Glossary of Wig Terms - These helpful definitions will answer any additional questions you may have.


Along with style, pricing is a major consideration when shopping at Paula Young Wigs. The prices run a wide range, depending on length, brand and materials. Human hair wigs are the most expensive wigs available, costing upwards of $145. Paula Young's site offers specials, including closeout items, for less than $30. There truly are wigs available for any budget!


The Paula Young Wigs site takes the guesswork out of identifying the right wig or hairpiece for your needs. With an easy navigation system, you can find wigs by length, style, material, color and more. The affordable pricing and excellent service reinforce Paula Young's commitment to their customers.

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