Peek a Boo Highlights

Try a peek of color for trendy locks.

If you want a hair color that is fashion forward and artistic, why not consider peek a boo highlights? These highlights are not the most common form of hair coloring, yet their result can be stunning, adding interest to virtually any hairstyle. Rather than opt for a traditional highlighting process which requires regular maintenance and can be costly to say the least, peek a boo highlights offer major impact with little commitment.

Just a Peek

Unlike traditional hair coloring techniques, these hair highlights are applied randomly to the head using a freehand painting technique. Sometimes the sectioned hair is lightened and folded in foils, while other times the lightener may be applied directly to the hair without a foil or cap method. Various special effects can be made by using this creative technique. When the hair is parted in different ways, the highlights "peek" out, hence their appropriate name. You can draw attention to the eyes with a few face brightening chunks, or draw the eye downwards to the nape of a sexy neck with the addition of a contrasting color.

This unique form of color is perfect for someone who wants to add a little mystery and drama to their hairstyle. Peek a boo color can be added to the bang, or throughout the interior of the cut. Some people even opt for a bold punch of color at the underside of the hair, especially if their cut is long and has movement from exaggerated layers or razor cutting. Peek a boo color allows you to experiment with a lighter shade without a large commitment. If you've always craved a platinum shade of blonde but know you can't pull it off allover, a dramatic platinum chunk will certainly add the same vivid impact without requiring the same type of upkeep.

Get Creative

Although peek a boo highlights are the most popular way to incorporate this artful technique into your hairstyle, don't stop there if you like to experiment! Bold and bright peek a boo colors work just as well and offer a unique and edgy look for people opting for an emo hair color or punk hairstyle. Consider adding a pink or blue peek a boo chunk to your style to add visual contrast.

Another peek a boo color option is to add hair lowlights shades to light hair. If you want to start your own trend and have your friends gushing at your edgy and cool locks, why not add a few chunks of black peek a boo pieces to your cut? Black sections can be added to blonde or auburn hair, adding both an exaggerated and unusual chic vibe to your style.


How to Get Peek a Boo Highlights

If you want to experiment with a trendsetting hair color like these highlights, be prepared to scout out the right hair colorist for the job. This coloring technique requires an artful eye, and some stylists just aren't familiar with such new techniques and avant garde processes.

Once you've found the right stylist, communicate your ideas with pictures if possible. If need be, take a picture of yourself and draw the lowlights or highlights where you'd like to see them on your hair. Once your stylist decides on the coloring method and the selected shade, you'll have a better idea of the maintenance needed to maintain your creative color.

As with all hair coloring processes, nourish your hair and protect it from heat styling to keep it looking its best.

Although peek a boo color is not a widely known coloring option, it is a very trendy and unique choice for someone who wants to color hair funky with an artful placement. Whether you're downsizing your hair budget, or just want to give your hair a break from extensive coloring services, why not consider this color enhancement and play around with the possibilities?

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Peek a Boo Highlights