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Lovely Long Hair

There are many ways to wear long hair. Classic styles, vintage looks, and modern looks for long hair are all popular for those with the luxury of long locks. Browse these styles for ideas, choose a look that suits the occasion and your personality, and you'll be ready to rock those long tresses.

Long hair pulled back on the front and sides is a look that's always classic, but added volume at the top of the head gives the style a modern feel.

Big Hair Is Back

Big hair was big in the 80s, and it's back. If you have long locks, have fun with some of the 80s big hair looks. To keep hair with extra volume from looking too dated, opt for all over volume with big curls. Pull back the sides to emphasize your curly locks in the front.

For a punky, rocker-chic vibe, tousle or muss volumized hair slightly.

Wavy Center Parted Hair

Wavy hair is a perpetually popular look for long tresses, and it is very versatile. A center part with waves is a popular look that is slightly retro but still feels fresh. An added bonus: a center part draws attention to your eyes.

Extreme Side Part

The extreme side part is a fun way to show off your long tresses. This simple style is an easy way to create a stand out look. Part the hair on one side and use a firm-hold styling agent to keep hair in place.

Straight, wavy, or wet-look long hair is often worn with an extreme side part.

Middle Part

A middle part is a great look for anyone with a heart shaped face, and it's a relatively easy look to achieve with long hair.

Note that when styling, be sure to blow dry hair in the same direction of growth. A dab of shine enhancer will help you achieve that mirror-like finish.

Long Face Framing Layers

Jennifer Aniston popularized the iconic straight style with long, face framing layers. Keep the look classic with straight hair, or add a softer twist with waves or a slight curl at the ends of the hair.

Long Hair With Headbands

Easy, classic, and cute, hairstyles with headbands have long been a popular look for long hair. Experiment with different types of thick and thin headbands to create a look you love.

Long Natural Hair

No matter what your hair tendency is, it's more popular than ever before to see long hairstyles that embrace what the hair does naturally.

Natural styles using fewer styling products and tools also mean a huge bonus -- healthier hair.

Accent Braids

Another popular look for long hair is incorporating braids. Single or multiple braids can be woven into long and curly styles for a chic, romantic look.

Sleek Straight Hair

Long, straight styles are popular because they are sleek and versatile. Straight, shiny hair looks just as appropriate at the office as it does for a night out.

Remember to use a heat-protection hair product prior to styling with a straightening iron to keep your hair vibrant and healthy.

Classic Long Curls

Long curls can be romantic, chic, and even a little sassy. Achieve classic large curls with a large barreled curling iron or hot or sponge rollers. Once curls are set, comb through with fingers to keep curls intact and set with a light hold finishing spray.

Long Side Braid

A side part is a wonderfully beautiful, yet simple, look for long hair. Perfect for the warmer months, gathering your hair in a loose side braid will leave you looking, and feeling, cool.

Finger Waves With Body

This look takes a bit of work, but the results can be stunning. Start by rolling hair into very large rollers. Once hair is set, undo the rollers, and finger comb hair into place. Let your waves cascade untethered, or add a hair clip to bring the sides away from your face.

Thick Bangs

Well-fringed bangs are great for showcasing the eyes and for helping you look younger, however, you'll need to visit a professional for results this precise.

Loose and Full

For hair that is full of body and movement, flip your hair upside down, blow dry and then flip right side up again. You'll be rewarded with hair that has plenty of attention-grabbing movement.

Slicked Back Style

Edgy and fearless, a slicked back style is sure to get you noticed. Apply hair gel or mousse and comb back as desired to pull off this very chic look.

Pretty Bouffant

For a vintage bouffant look with long hair, start by teasing hair at the crown with a comb. Next, smooth hair down gently, and finish with a firm hold spray to keep the style in place.

Romantic Clipped Style

This is a soft and romantic style that only requires a simple hair clip to achieve. Simply part hair to the side, pull up into a loose twist, and secure with a pretty hair clip.

Long and Beautiful

Whether you choose one of the classic popular hairstyles for long hair, or opt for an edgy, modern look, the options are vast. Simple styles are lower maintenance, but with length you also have more versatility with updos, braids, and other styles. Long hair can be beautiful and fun -- just make sure to select a style you have time to care for and that fits your personality.

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Photos of Women with Long Hair