Pictures of Frosted Hair

Have a hot style with a bit of frost.

Take a look at some pictures of frosted hair and you will discover this genre contains many dimensions and styles. Everyone can pull off this look once they find the color and placement personally right for them. No matter what your hair color or nationality, frosted locks can look fantastic; you may want to consider frosting your hair if you need to reinvent your personal style.

Tips for Rocking the Frosted Hair Look

Celebrities like Kelly Clarkson have made dramatic frosts popular, and superstars like Hilary Duff have brought attention back to the happy girl next door look with more subtle highlights, so there are many ways to achieve the look you want. Following are a few tips and hints on the subject of frosted hair. Browse the pics for more inspiration!

  • Brunettes can pull off frosted hair beautifully; a good colorist can find complementary shades.
  • If you are growing out your short hair, a frosted effect can add dimension and style.
  • Different shades of blonde can add excitement to a dull 'do.
  • Dramatic highlights with a messy hairstyle looks sexy and creative.
  • Frosted layers look stunning with short hair.
  • Naturally blonde hair can benefit from some dark accenting.
  • You will get much better results if you have your hair frosted professionally.
  • Looking at pictures of frosted hair can bring inspiration back to the traditional ponytail.

Frosted Hair Image Gallery

Bright Blonde Frosted Look

Give Frosted Hair a Try

If this gallery has you wondering how you'd look with frosted hair, it's time to give the look a try. Let a professional hair stylist help you pick out the right color and placement for your highlights. If you don't like how the color turns out, you can always dye your hair back to your natural color. Chance are, though, that you'll love the new you!

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Pictures of Frosted Hair