Pictures of Men's Hair Styles

Modern Business Hair Style

Browse pictures of men's hair styles to get an idea of what works best for your hair and personality. Many of today's popular cuts for men are also versatile enough to be styled in more than one way; short- and medium-length cuts can be slicked down, spiked up, or texturized to create a bedhead look.

For a modern take on a basic business cut, style with a side part. Use a small amount of styling wax and tousle hair lightly after combing to keep it from looking too severe.

Bedhead Hair

Although the look is disheveled, it takes a little bit of styling to get it right. If you have a medium-length shag cut, you can style it for a bedhead look by using a light styling wax or texturizing product on damp hair. Part the hair slightly to the side and pull some pieces forward towards the face and others in the opposite direction to create the slightly mussed appearance of contemporary bedhead hair.

Men's Medium Length Curly Hair Style

For men with curly or wavy hair, a medium length layered cut can help remove some of the bulk and still offer plenty of styling options. In this relaxed version of the Caeser style, the longer bangs are combed over the forehead, and the rest of the hair falls casually around a concealed center part. Use an anti-frizz serum to help the curls keep their shape. A small amount of gel can help keep the style in place.

Modern Professional Men's Style

A cut that features short sides and longer hair on top is still versatile enough to be styled in several ways. A side part is professional, but the slight spikes and texture give this style a modern look. Use mousse or pomeade on damp hair, part hair, and use a comb to create the slight side spikes. Style the remaining part of the hair by hand to give it a less-structured feel.

Sleek Style

A medium-length cut with longer hair in front works well for a sleek, pompadour-inspired look. For a look this sleek, a firm-hold gel or styling wax is a key product. Apply a nickel-sized amount to damp hair, create a side part, and then pull the front of the hair forward. Place your hand behind that portion of hair, and then comb it against the hand so it goes up and over. (This will help create the structure for the look). Use a comb to lightly smooth the rest of the hair.

Tapered and Texturized

If you have a tapered cut, you can style it cleanly or in a more relaxed way. To keep it in a relaxed style, apply a texturizing wax or paste to dry hair (this will give it the matte look rather than adding shine). Use your hands to style hair after applying the product, pulling some of the longer back pieces up for a slightly spiked effect.

Simple and Sharp

Short, curly hairstyles for men look sharp, and styling doesn't need to be complicated. Apply a firm hold gel to wet hair, comb up, and then pat down for a sleek, sharp look. Gel can be drying, so if you wear your hair in a gel-based style frequently, condition hair regularly to keep it smooth and healthy.

Fresh Crew Cut Style

A basic crew cut looks fresh and modern with the help of styling wax or gel on damp hair. Comb the top of the hair upwards to form short spikes, and smooth the sides of the hair to keep it neat.

Brushed Back Straight Style

Men with straight hair can add extra volume to their style by blow-drying hair as they are brush it back. Add a small amount of mousse to the ends and front of the hair about halfway through blow drying. Finish with a small amount of hairspray to help the style keep its shape.

Men's Fauxhawk Style

A fauxhawk is edgy without the comittment of a cut, and men of any age can wear this style. Simultaneously modern and sophisticated, this look is easy to create with medium hair or cuts that are a bit longer on top. Use a small (teaspoon-sized) amount of styling gel on dry hair pull the sides and top of the hair inward to form the point. Finish with a firm hold hairspray to keep the style in place all day.

Modern men's hair styles offer many options for creating different looks. Experiment to see what fits you best.

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Pictures of Men's Hair Styles