Pictures of Rihanna Hair Styles

Pictures of Rihanna Hair Styles

Viewing pictures of Rhianna hair styles truly shows this young singer's hair style evolution.

When Rhianna first hit the music scene, her classic and beautiful looks certainly won her much attention, but it wasn't until later, when she began to take on an edgier vibe, did she really get noticed.

Here, Rhianna channels old Hollywood glamor with a sleek, side swept bun.

Simply Flawless

Glorious and stunning curly locks greeted the views of the 2006 MTV European Music Awards.

Held in Copenhagen that year, Rhianna chose to go with a gently flowing look of cascading hair.

Caribbean Sweetheart

Back in 2007, Rhianna was just starting to play around with her hairstyle. Perhaps she was looking for a way to distinguish herself from other similarly aged singers, or she may have been trying to express more of her free spirited personality, but not matter what, the hair results are beautifully shining.

This relaxed long bob perfectly display's the songstresses' delicately etched, fine features.

Free to Rock

Here, Rhianna's edgy hair style is quite literal. Her longish bob has a slight razor's edge to it, helping the look stand out from similarly set hair styles.

Big City Style

Is that Rhianna or Catherin Zeta Jones in the hit musical, Chicago?

Proving that she is a chameleon, Rhianna goes short with face-framing bangs.

Best Legs... and Hair

In 2007, Venus Breeze named Rhianna the 2007 Celebrity Legs of a Goddess, and while they were absolutely right on that score, the star's hair was also receiving rave reviews.

Sweetly Windswept

Rhianna pulls off yet another hair coup.

This time, she goes even shorter, but she softens up the look with windswept bangs.

If you love Rhianna's short hair looks, then check out the Short Hair Cuts Pictures slideshow for even more options.

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Pictures of Rihanna Hair Styles