Pictures of Scene Hair

Scene hair is a trendy look.

Looking at pictures of scene hair can help interested teens learn about this popular style as well as provide inspiration for their own personalized scene look.

What is Scene Hair?

Scene hair styles are part of the hip pop culture "scene," especially music such as emo, indie, metal, and rock tunes. While there are many characteristics that scene hair styles share, the key to a great scene look is one that is personal for the wearer and whatever scene they want to be a part of. Many scene styles are similar to emo hair styles, but while the look of the hair may have some common features, the individual attitude that accompanies a scene style is generally more positive and upbeat than for an emo style. That said, however, the actual type of style is very personal and individual, and what is considered scene by one person may be emo to another, goth to a third, and just plain to someone else.

Popular characteristics of scene styles may include:

  • Short hair styles, frequently with chunky layers
  • Fringe bangs that often cover one or both eyes
  • Brightly colored accents - shades of red, pink, and white are the most popular, but any unique color can be used
  • Very straight hair, usually no longer than shoulder length

Check out these pictures of scene hair to see these and other characteristics; click on each picture to be taken to related articles with more information.

Pictures of Scene Hair

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Pictures of Scene Hair