Pictures of Sedu Hairstyles

Curly or straight?

Pictures of sedu hairstyles reveal sleek, contemporary looks that are shiny and luxurious options for medium or long hair. But what is a sedu style, and why is looking at pictures an important step in choosing your own sedu look?

What is Sedu?

Sedu hair styles are essentially ironed hair that is straight and modern. A high quality straightening iron is essential to create a stunning sedu look, but just ironing hair is not enough for a great style. Straight hair emphasizes face shape, and it is critical to choose a sedu look that works well with your bone structure for a fabulous look. Many people, however, assume that straight sedu hair styles have very little variety, but the truth is that even a simple sedu look can be adjusted for your personal style. Options include:

  • Hair highlights to frame your face or add texture to the style.
  • Tapered ends to soften the straight edges of the hair.
  • Bangs of different lengths, including dyed bangs or asymmetrical cuts.
  • Layers to add subtle volume without curls or waves.
  • Hair accessories to jazz up any look.

Of course, a sedu style can also be arranged into ponytails, braids, or sophisticated updo styles, adding even more variation to a classy, sleek look.

Caring for a Sedu Style

Because hair irons can be very damaging to delicate strands, it is important to care properly for straightened hair to ensure its beauty. Do not rush the straightening, even though it can take a long time to thoroughly straighten long hair. Add conditioner to your daily hair care regimen to keep hair supple, and choose hair products with moisturizing ingredients. Avoid heavy products that may weigh hair down and dull its glamorous sheen. If possible, try to avoid additional harsh treatments - coloring, for example - that can create split ends and other hair damage to tarnish a sedu look.

Pictures of Sedu Hairstyles

These pictures of sedu hairstyles represent only a few ideas for this dramatic look; click on each picture to be taken to related articles and photo galleries with more information and inspiration.

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Pictures of Sedu Hairstyles