Pigtails are a classic style for young girls.

Pigtails are Not Just for Kids

Pigtails are most frequently seen worn by young girls, but there is a current hairstyle trend which encourages adults to wear them as well. A hairstyle consisting of two ponytails instead of one is fun, stylish, cute, and sometimes even sexy.One of the reasons that this hair style has been popular for so many years is that they are quick and easy to add to most hair. The simple task of putting them in consists of parting the hair down the middle of the head, gathering the hair together on each side, and securing it with two separate hair bands, bows, or some other hair accessory.

Several Different Styles

The most basic style makes the hair look symmetrical on each side. However, there are many things that can be done with the tails once they are secured.

  • Braids: To spruce up the bunches of hair, a braid can be put in each one. Sometimes, to get extra fancy, a ribbon can be intertwined within the braids. After adding the braids, they are often secured at the bottom with another hair band or a hair bow.
  • Buns: Hair that has been placed in tails can easily be transformed into hair buns. To do this, each one must be wrapped into a circle and fastened so that it stays tight on the head. Most people use bobby pins or some type of stick to ensure that the buns stay in place.
  • High and Low: There is not a written rule on how high or low they should be worn on the head. People who have short hair usually wear them high on their heads to make their hair look longer but they can also be worn down low, near the neck. People who have long hair have more positioning options.

Pigtails vs. Tails of Pigs

The word "pigtail" has been around for at least 400 hundred years. It was originally a term used to describe the process of making chewing tobacco which required the tobacco to be twisted into a shape that looked similar to a pig's tail.About 200 years after using the term for chewing tobacco, people began referring to the specific hair style of parting the hair down the middle and securing it in bunches on two sides of the head as "pigtails."

Ponytails and Topknots

Close relatives of this hair style are ponytails and topknots. Both involve securing the hair in a bunch with a fastener, but these two hairstyles involve one bunching of the hair instead of two. However, for some reason, ponytails and topknots are hair styles that are much more mature-looking than wearing two tails at the same time.

Dress Them Up


The tails can easily be transformed from bunches of hair fastened with a band to a hair style that receives a lot of attention from both men and women.

  • Go crazy and wear four bunches of hair instead of two, or wear two asymmetrically on the head.
  • Use a curling iron and make them look cute and bouncy.
  • Add beads or jewelry to strands of hair within the tails, or fasten accessories to the hair band used to secure them.
  • Use hair extensions to make them look very long. This will surprise people who think the hair is short, and it will amaze people who don't know the hair's true length.

In Conclusion

Pigtails have been around for hundreds of years, and there's no doubt the style will be worn by children and women well into the future. The style is quick and easy, and can look adorable on little girls and trendy on adults. No matter what a person's age, this cute hairstyle is sure to receive compliments from both friends and strangers alike.

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