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Pink Hair Gallery

Gallery of Pink Hair Possibilities

For a dramatic twist, add some pink to your hair. Pink can be as subtle or dramatic as you like and can add a fun and flirty element to any style. Check out images of different ways pink can be used for hair to help you choose the perfect shade to try out for yourself.

Pretty Pink Highlights

Pink hair highlights can be subtle or vivid. Highlights can be used to frame the face for a startling look or as overall highlights for a rosy hue. Pink highlights can add a dramatic touch to an otherwise ordinary head of hair.

Daring Overall Color

For a daring look, try a head full of vibrant pink hair color. There are many variations of pink so be sure to choose the right hair color for you based on skin tone and eye color. For a cooler tone, go with pinks with blue undertones. For a warmer pink, choose a more golden or rosy tone of pink.

Keep It Edgy

Adding a bright pink shade to the tips of layers or the edge of a dramatic style and accentuate the style as well as your bold personality. Pink hair color is often added to hair styles with bangs so it is most noticeable. Color can be subtly blended into the bangs or added in a stronger streak for more visibility.

Layered Shades

Pink can be used in strong sections of hair that is layered. Consider coloring only the top section of hair pink and leaving the base a dark brown. This method of coloring gives hair both contrast and texture and an unexpected pop of color.

Soft and Subtle

While many shades of pink can be dramatic and bold, there are some shades that will look soft and subtle. A light pink done over a light blond base will give color without overpowering your look. If you aren't ready to go totally bold, keep the pink soft so that it isn't the first thing that is noticed about you.

What Works For You

Once you know what type of pink style you're interested in, pick the best hue for your color of locks. A soft, gentle pink or pastel shade works best with lighter colored hair while a medium pink works with a light brown. Darker hair colors work well with bright, vibrant shades of pink that contrast with the base color.

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Pink Hair Gallery