Pixie Haircuts

Opt for a cute pixie!

While they may be short, pixie haircuts should never be mistaken as a masculine hairstyle. Pixies have long been worn and loved by some of the most feminine red carpet ladies including: Demi Moore, Winona Ryder, Halle Berry, Victoria Beckham, and R&B artist Rihanna.

A pixie haircut is a fresh alternative to a long style. Whether you've tired of daily maintenance, want to chop off damaged ends, or desire a cut that makes a major impact, a pixie haircut may be worth consideration, depending on your hair type and facial structure.

About Pixie Haircuts

Pixie cuts are soft and flirty. The cropped, close-to-the-head shape of pixie styles help define delicate facial features. Small noses, doe-like eyes and a pretty pout can all be enhanced by the flowing shape of a pixie style.

If you've never considered a short hairstyle, you'll need to look at some of your hair challenges to see if a pixie cut is the right fit. While pixies are generally low maintenance, they can be hard to style if your hair has an abundance of differentiating growth patterns or texture such as kinky curl. The best hair types for a pixie are thick and straight/wavy or fine and straight.

While the classic pixie haircut is cropped a couple inches evenly in length, there are plenty of variations that will help make this cut unique to your facial shape and hair type. For a fresh look, consider these less-traditional versions of a pixie haircut.

Messy Pixie

The messy pixie haircut is a favorite style for gals who love the coveted bed head look. This pixie crop is cut with several layers to add movement and interest. While a razor should be shunned if you have curly or wavy hair, fine and straight hair locks may benefit from the texture this cutting implement lends. To style the messy pixie, rely on molding creams and pastes and work with day-old hair.

Pixie Tails

For a modern spin on the mullet hairstyle, a pixie can host a few long tails at the nape for interest and quirk-appeal. This emo inspired artistic look is perfect for the gal who wants a short cropped style but still craves an artistic edge. Keep in mind, bangs and bold color can be added to a pixie tail crop for even more interest.

Blunt Pixie

The blunt pixie compliments soft rather than harsh facial features. If you have delicate details, a bold and blunt crop paired with a striking, linear bang can make a runway-inspired impact. This style is a great choice for wavy and textured hair since the added body will lend some lift at the crown, providing additional softness within the cut. A straightening iron should be used to smooth the cuticle and add shine.

Get the Crop

If you're ready to venture into the world of pixie haircuts, keep an open mind and listen to the advice of your stylist regarding your hair type and styling needs. If you can't commit to the drastic crop, remember there are several other options. A long bob, reverse mullet and a layered shag style can provide many of the same traits as the beloved pixie haircut. You may consider a unique color in addition to your cut to make an expressive statement.

Pixie haircuts have long been a favorite amongst women for many reasons. Their carefree, playful, and flirtatious shapes make them the perfect cut for the adventurous, free-spirited gal who's seeking a short cut.

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Pixie Haircuts