Expert Advice for the Best Professional Hair Style

Tony Promiscuo, hair stylist and salon owner
Master stylist Tony Promiscuo

Many career seekers wonder what professional hair styles may give them an edge in the interview and hiring process. Whether you are looking for work, or want to market yourself for a well-deserved promotion, Atlanta's Godiva Salon owner, Tony Promiscuo, has all the tips you need for keeping your look current and marketable, no matter your age or industry.

Professional Hair Styles Tips

LoveToKnow (LTK): What is the contemporary definition of a professional style?

Tony Promiscuo (TP): My definition is "safe." Keep it mainstream if you want to blend in. Although I'm not an advocate of blending in, I think tastefully standing out is better.

LTK: Are there any professional hair styles that can give you an edge in a job interview?

TP: Keep it current; people want to hire people who know how to show they know what's going on in all areas, not just the work related world. Are you "packaged to be bought into"? Will you represent well?

Trends and Classics

LTK: What are the current power hair style trends?

ES: I don't know that there are any, I think it is more about the total package. Hairstyles should be capable of different looks for different situations.

LTK: We already know the chic bob is professional, but what are a few options for longer and shorter hair?

The best long hair option is putting up, for short hair keep it sleek. Spiky is definitely out.

LTK: What are a few of your favorite classic professional looks?

Up-dos, the bob, shoulder length brush back.

Working with Color, Age and Budget

LTK: Is there a hair color that can be taken more seriously than the next in a corporate environment?

Subtle blending of colors within the same color family is chic and tasteful. When done well they shout quality. Bold placement of bright highlights would be just the opposite.

LTK: What's a great professional look for your 20's, 30's, 40's, 50's and beyond?

I think everyone has the potential to wear many different professional looks. The important thing is that they fit the person based on face shape, balance, and proportion. I think you should re-invent yourself about every five years. That defines professionalism.

Business woman with simple hair style
Is your look polished?

LTK: Are there any tips for a professional woman who wants to look her best while living on restricted means?

Find a rising star -- it can be difficult and painful trying different people, but if you can find someone who is talented and undiscovered their prices are usually lower. However, they won't stay that way, so be prepared to try someone else if you can't handle the price increases. We have tiered pricing in my salon and everyone receives the same advanced training. We price based on reputation, demand, and experience.

Insider Tips

LTK: Could you share your favorite styling product?

Paul Mitchell Sculpting Foam is probably the most versatile styling product available.

LTK:What's a professional hair style "don't"?

Bold highlights, spiked hair (women), any hair cut over six weeks old.

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Choosing a professional hair style can give you an edge, whether you want to move into a new career or just make a good impression. Great products, frequent trims, and good hair care can all help keep your look professional, too.

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Expert Advice for the Best Professional Hair Style