Quick Weave Hairstyles

Straight weaves are elegant.
Straight weaves are elegant.

Quick weave hairstyles aren't hard to come by, but how quickly they can be accomplished will depend on the quality and style of hair you have chosen for your weave.

Caring for Your Weave

Most veteran weave-wearers are already familiar with the care protocol for their weaves, but it is also important to remember that good hair condition is the first and foremost influential factor for styling ease. If you've been purchasing cheap hair types for your weave, it won't be long before your hair starts showing cuticle damage, which will lead to frizzing hair and split ends. It is not easy to style hair that has considerable shaft damage.

Take a look at these weave care guidelines at BrownSkin.net to ensure that you are already doing everything possible to maintain the health of your weave.

Hair Types and Quick Weave Hairstyles

The second step in ensuring that your weave remains easy to style is securing an efficient product line to care for your hair. Since the hair used in your weave will not be the same as your natural hair type, and is most often comprised of Asian or Indian hair (if you are using synthetic hair, your styling options are greatly limited and should not include heat styling), you won't need quite the moisturizing factor of products specifically designed for hair of African origin.

Curly Weave Types

With the right product line your hair regimen can run as quickly as: shampoo, condition, add product and off you go! In fact, if your weave features tight curls, you won't be building a relationship with a hairbrush any time soon. At most, you'll need to run a very wide tooth comb through your hair once you step out of the shower. You can try Oudiad's Double Detangler Comb to simplify this process.

You will also need to keep your curls hydrated with a good glossing product such as Frederic Fekkai's Brilliant Glossing Cream. This cream employs the natural moisturizing effects of olive oil to enrich your hair. You never want to use too much, however, because most shine-enhancing products will weigh the hair down when used in large amounts. Tight curls need to maintain a flirty bounce.

Straight and Wavy Weave Types

If your weave is either straight or wavy, your regimen will probably need to include a few extra steps to achieve a flawless look. Yes, you can also apply product after a shower and move on with your day, but if you want your hair to achieve beautiful levels of perfection, you will need a quality blow-dryer and maybe even a flat iron. First off, you'll need a good quality shampoo and conditioner to seal in moisture and keep your weave in tip top shape. Oscar Blandi's product line contains both a Jasmine Smoothing shampoo and conditioner that are designed to fight frizz by smoothing the hair shaft , thereby encouraging straighter sleeker hair. Moreover, this Jasmine Smoothing collection smells nothing short of divine, so these products are excellent for individuals who regularly heat-style their hair.

If you're looking to eliminate the blow-drying process altogether, you'll be happy to note that many next-generation flat irons have mitigated the damage factor of their heat styling to the point that they can be used on half-dried hair. This means you can let your hair air-dry for a half hour post-shower and then apply the straightening iron to make your locks sleek and, perhaps, curled slightly under. Be sure to run a protective product through your hair beforehand as a helpful and preventative measure.

Your flat iron is one of the most important purchases you will make for your weave, and even your real hair should you ever choose to abandon weaves. Though all heat styling tools will stress your hair to some degree through regular usage, irons like the Sultra Seductress claim to use infrared technology to help mitigate damage over time. This iron can also style natural looking waves in your hair, giving you that sultry movie-star appeal. So be sure to purchase your flat irons with great consideration, as they will be a critical tool for quick weave hairstyles.

It is possible to style a weave quickly and beautifully. By using the right tools and taking care of your weave, you can have a gorgeous style with ease.

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