Red 60s Flip Wig

Rock a groovy '60s style!

Get groovy with a red 60s flip wig! If you love the idea of donning a totally hip hairpiece that's sure to turn heads, then consider this bold accessory.

The Flip

Actresses like Mary Tyler Moore and Marlo Thomas rocked this sweet style with moxie. Jackie Kennedy's image is practically synonymous with it. Millions of women the world over wore it for years during the tumultuous yet undeniably fashionable sixties. The flip was fun, bouncy, casual, and saucy all at once, and it's a testament to the style's versatility that it's still around today.

Of course, it's not quite as exaggerated as it once was. The flip generally consisted of shoulder-length or longer, backcombed hair with the ends curled upward. Many women favored a bouffant style that required plenty of teasing and rollers to achieve, while others maintained a more subtle approach that involved less work.

Today, the flip has been fiercely resurrected, but its reincarnation doesn't exactly touch upon its sweet, innocent roots. Sure, the new version is less pronounced and perhaps softer and gentler, but other variations of the look are sharp and sexy, with a slick finish and dramatic layers to give it a more updated look. Any way you style it, one thing is certain: The flip is a look that's easily reinvented, no matter what decade it is!

The Outrageous Red 60s Flip Wig

If you want to wear the flip at its most bold and exaggerated, consider a wig for your next major purchase. Remember that a quality wig won't come cheap, so prepare to spend a little extra to obtain one that will last you for years and hearken back to the days when the flip was truly all the rage.

Wigs are great for women who love to change their daily look for no rhyme or reason. Some choose wigs because they want to sport drastically different hair colors or styles, while others just want to try out a look they've long admired. Still others may just want to go all out for Halloween or a costume party. If that's the case, a red 60s flip wig is a great way to make a statement. Paired with an authentic costume straight from the decade of peace, love and harmony, it's bound to create a strong impression.

Wig boutiques, catalogs and Internet retailers are all fantastic places to search for the perfect flip hairpiece. Here are just a few selections to transform your hair into one of the most carefree, fun-loving styles you'll ever wear. flip wig
Cute Flip Wig

The Banded Look

There's nothing more sixties-esque than a wide, broad headband. Whether worn flat against the forehead or as a hair accessory, headbands were truly all the rage. This wig, appropriately called Bandstand, is over-the-top in the best way! It leaves nothing to the imagination, taking the flip to new heights (quite literally) and adding a swirled orange headband to complete the look.

The Naturally Red Look

Even if you've never imagined yourself a redhead, you can easily prove yourself wrong with this surprisingly modern flip wig. Parted slightly on the side, the hair flips up softly and with less definition than the traditional curl associated with this style. It's fresh and bold all at once.

The Bold Look

Be a fiery bombshell with the sassy red Brittany wig. It's so shockingly bright it resembles glowing, orange-red lava, and it's definitely something to wear if you intend to attract attention. The hairstyle is slightly bouncy on the bottom, with a flouncy, relaxed curl as well as full bangs.

Where to Purchase

Besides wig stores, costume shops are also certain to carry a decent selection of wigs inspired by the sixties. Stores that specialize in theatrical products, such as makeup and accessories, are also excellent places to look.

Fun, flirtatious, and fantastic, a flip style is one of today's most popular retro looks, and a red 60s flip wig can help you achieve this hip do effortlessly.

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Red 60s Flip Wig