Red Hair Men

Men With Red Hair

When it comes to red hair, men can be just as daring with different hues and colors as women can. This bold hair color is a fun option to try, whether it is your natural hair color or if you’re just looking for a fresh, unique shade.

Bright Red Crop

Men who have boldly bright red hair may opt for a short, managed hair cut such as a buzz or crop. This can help keep the color manageable without dulling it down.

Red Beards

Even a man who’s losing his hair can sport a bold red look by growing out his beard. A beard can also help define facial structure and highlight different features, such as the lips, cheekbones, and eyes.

Changing Red

Red hair doesn’t always stay red. Young children can sport red locks that will darken with age, leading to brown hair in teens and mature men. While not all red hair darkens, if a man wants to keep his youthful, bright shade, he may need to consider dyeing his hair as he ages.

Red Highlights

Hair highlights aren’t only for women. Men can easily add highlights to their hair to give it more texture and depth, great for showing off layers or a shag style. Multiple colored highlights might also include chocolate brown and blond shades.

Light Red Curls

Natural curls and waves make red hair color stand out. For this relaxed style, the hair will need to be a bit longer and may take more styling to keep it from being too frizzy, but it’s a great look for more casual men.

Rock Highlights

Red is a great shade to add to darker hair with shocking highlights. This rocker look is easy to style with a shag cut and hair gel to create soft, loose spikes. Temporary hair dye can add the color for just a few days, or more permanent dye can be used for a long lasting look.

Red Tips

Because red hair color stands out well on a dark hair base, it is popular to add to dreadlocks or other African American hairstyles. Red hair tips are also a good look for men who don’t want to spend as much time or money to update their hair color, since the roots are natural.

Red Curly Hair
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Men with strong curls may want to tame their look by wearing their hair a bit longer and liberally using hair gel, pomade, or other hair products to keep frizz at bay. A shine serum will also give your hair a bright glow that accentuates its red.

Punk Red

Red color is popular for punk hair styles, and the brighter the red, the better. For the most outrageous effect, use the red to accent a wild style such as a Mohawk, shaved patterns, or spikes.

Red Shag

Because red hair is often associated with a more casual, fun personality, a loose shag hair style can be a great way to show off your color. Bangs that brush the eyebrows and longer sideburns give this style a more bohemian look without being too outrageous.

Red Waves

A man whose hair is wavy rather than curly can easily show off a red shade. The waves will actually highlight a lighter red color, and this casual style is perfect for business, dates, and any occasion.

Highlighted Bangs

A man who wants to experiment with highlights may choose bold red chunks or streaks in longer bangs. This is a great look for teens who want an emo hair style with a unique, bold color.

Emo Red

Emo hair color doesn’t have to just be dark and dreary: red is a popular shade for personalized looks. Bright red is a hot choice for emo, punk, and goth hair styles with side parts and long, straight bangs.

Red Wigs

A man who wants a red shade just for a quick costume or outrageous party look can opt for a fun red wig. Red wigs and clip in hair extensions are available from costume shops, beauty salons, and other retailers.

Love red? Check out these photos of women with red hair for more great shades and looks!

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Red Hair Men