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Reese Witherspoon

Reese Witherspoon's Hair Style: The Cut

Asking for a Reese Witherspoon hair style can create a bit of confusion at the hairdressers! She has gone from her early styles of straight and below the shoulders (ala Cruel Intentions) to a flippy bob (Sweet Home Alabama) to her current 'do of long luscious layers. Choosing the right cut is important. Witherspoon has a classic heart-shaped face, so take your face shape into consideration before imitating one of her styles. Just because her bob may not look good on you does not mean you can't try her longer layers. Bring in a photo of Witherspoon's cut that you wish to emulate, and realize that your stylist may have to modify it slightly so it looks best on you.

Maintaining and styling your new cut is just as important as getting the cut. To imitate her current style of bouncy, long layers, try the following tips:

  • Apply volumizing mouse to roots before blow drying.
  • Use hot rollers in varying sizes all over your head.
  • After rollers have totally cooled, remove.
  • Loosely style and tousle using fingers.
  • If necessary, use a curling iron to touch up the ends. Be careful not to overdo it!
  • Lightly apply a shine serum with head upside down.

Getting the Color for a Reese Witherspoon's Hair Style

A blonde early on, Reese Witherspoon's hair style went to a super light, golden blonde for Legally Blonde, and then a cool brunette for her Oscar winning role as June Carter Cash in Walk the Line-and then back to a multi-tonal blonde again!

Because color maintenance can be expensive and time consuming, you may be tempted to try it at home. However, take a few things into consideration. Unless you are fairly blonde to begin with and only need some highlights, you may find that trying to place several colors all over can be difficult. Additionally, some people may find trying a much darker color results in a slightly reddish or orange tint to their hair. This is not a home job for a beginner.

If you are unsure about the color, or do not have a lot of experience, speak to an experienced salon colorist before opening a bottle. Even the most experienced home dyers can run into trouble when going more than 2 shades darker or lighter than their original tone.

Maintain your new color by using a color care shampoo and conditioner. A deep-conditioning mask or treatment should be used one a week to strengthen hair.

Reese Heads Out on the Town


Many women love to imitate a Reese Witherspoon hair style for special events. Proms, weddings, and nights out on the town are great opportunities for you to give one of Witherspoon's red carpet updos a try. Again, bringing in a photo of the back and sides may be the best way for your stylist to imitate the updo.

At the 2006 Oscars, Witherspoon showed off a low, messy bun that is now being requested everywhere. To try this style yourself, follow these tips from stylist Lisa Shepard:

  • Blow dry hair in sections after applying a volumizing mousse.
  • Smooth back as if putting into a ponytail, then twist.
  • Secure randomly with bobby pins.
  • Rub palms over bun so the style does not look too polished.
  • Use a dry hairspray (as opposed to a pump/spritz) to finish off the look.

To view more of Reese Witherspoon's hair styles and updos, visit her celebrity page at

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Reese Witherspoon Hair Style