Retro Hair Art Pictures

Retro art can inspire styles.

Retro hair art pictures can offer inspiration for vintage styles that are time tested and attractive. But what exactly is a retro style?

Defining Retro

Retro is a type of style that is reminiscent of days gone by, typically more than twenty years in the past. Retro hair, then, is a style that may have been familiar and common generations ago but is no longer widely used. A retro style should be intimately associated with a particular era as well - braids, for example, may have been popular in the 1880s, but they have also been popular practical styles for children and young women ever since. Therefore, they would not qualify as a distinctive retro look. Popular retro looks include:

  • 1920s: Short, flirty bob hair styles, often accessorized with wide headbands, crystals, and feathers that characterized the outrageous look of the Roaring '20s.
  • 1930s: Bobs were still a popular choice, but they were a bit longer and less heavily accessorized.
  • 1940s: With the seriousness of World War II, hair styles became much less playful, and 1940s retro styles are more sculpted waves that were feminine but also practical as women entered the workforce.
  • 1950s: The retreat to domesticity characterized these styles and medium lengths were popular. For younger women and teens, ponytails and other styles with flipped ends were particularly popular.
  • 1960s: Hair grew longer in the '60s and was worn loose and flowing as trendsetters explored nature and free love along with their free locks.
  • 1970s: Wild styles began to appear in the '70s, with more outrageous accessories being used to highlight long hair and natural looks.
  • 1980s: Hair products were the key accessory of the 1980s as big hair and tall bangs were the most popular styles.

Is Hair Art?

To recreate a vintage hair style that evokes a sense of days gone by is a true art form. With just a few snips of the scissors and a carefully chosen accessory, it is possible to transform a modern style into a vintage, retro look suitable for costume parties, themed events, or just to recapture the essence of a different time.

Examples of Retro Hair Art Pictures

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Retro Hair Art Pictures