Reverse Mullet

Kate rocks the reverse mullet!

Made popular by TLC's Jon & Kate Plus 8 reality starlet Kate Gosselin, the reverse mullet is a funky alternative to the infamous men's mullet.

A Look at the Reverse Mullet

The reverse style mullet is characterized by a long frontal perimeter and a short back and interior. This style is not for everyone, as it is very bold and drastic, and may even make an unwanted or jarring statement. On the other hand, if you want to keep your length in the front of your hairstyle and aren't keen on a traditional bob haircut, the reverse mullet may be a playful alternative that's perfectly fit for your lifestyle and needs.

When Kate Gosselin first debuted her now famous style, she was more than confident her look would start a trend. Indicating that her style was envy-worthy but not suitable for all personality types, Kate was right. The reverse or inverted mullet is not a very feminine style. If you're style borders on traditional or romantic, this style is sure to leave you with regret. While the front of the hair can be pinned back and accessorized with rhinestone clips or barrettes, the short and spiked backside makes an entirely different statement. This mullet style is a better fit for a fashion forward risk-taker who can confidently wear a masculine style without affecting their inner sense of femininity. This daring and unique style can be softened with lighter layers and softer styling techniques, but overall this cropped look will only work on women who want to wear a boyish haircut and who have little reservations for wanting to look feminine and girly.

The Punk Alternative

The emo crowd is another group of people who can confidently wear a reverse mullet. The punk genre has long been defined as a funky and envelope-pushing fashion crowd. While this look may not look the same within the emo circle, it's still the same cut, often colored with black or bright funky panels of color. Within the punk scale of style, the reverse mullet is actually considered a unisex style worn by both gothic type men and women.

How to Get the Cut

If you want to take the plunge and get the reverse mullet cut, it's best to communicate your desires with your stylist prior to making the snip. While pictures of this infamous mullet are not easily found in fashion or hair magazines due to the rarity of the style, you can envision the cut and the length by comparing a front and a back style that you'd like to blend together to emulate the mullet cut. For the best results, try to keep hair at least a few inches long in the back, and opt for long, 5 or 6 inches face framing chunks in the front of your style.

In addition to the bold cut, ask your stylist to freshen up your new look with an equally bold hair color choice. Chunky highlighted layers help play up this funky cut, while a dark raven hue is sure to make an equally hip impression.

While hair style trends come and go and are certainly not for everyone, the reverse mullet is a style that can easily be grown out once you crave a new look. If you want a bold and different cut and aren't afraid to take risks, why not consider this edgy cut?

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