Right Hair Color for You

Cool colors aren't right for everyone.

Finding the right hair color for you can be a challenge, but understanding how hair, skin, and eye colors coordinate can help you find a flattering shade.

Your Best Hair Color

Your best hair color is the hue you have naturally, but many people just want a change and aren't happy with their natural locks. Getting a new hair color can be an exciting and fulfilling way to rejuvenate your personal style, but it is important to find the right hair color for you that best accentuates your skin tone, eye color, and natural hair color.

Changing Colors

Changing hair colors can be intimidating, particularly if you've never experimented with hair color before. A few shades too dark and your skin could look pasty, or a few shades too light and your color could look blatantly unnatural.

If you aren't sure what new color to try first, consider arranging a hair color consultation with a professional stylist for their educated opinion about what hues would look best on you. It may be that your color is fine, but you're unhappy with your hair style - changing your cut could be just as dramatic as a new color. If you do want to try new shades, however, it is best to do so only after careful consideration so you can find the best hair color for you. Repeated coloring treatments can lead to dry and damaged hair, and finding the best color first can keep your hair glamorous and healthy.

Finding the Right Hair Color for You


In general, hair color can be defined as either a warm shade that glows with sun-kissed hues or a cooler shade that has subtly sophisticated coloring. Your best hair color will depend on whether you have warm or cool skin tones and eye colors.

Warm Shades

Warm hair color shades work best on people with:

  • Golden brown or blue eyes, including hazel eyes flecked with gold
  • Skin colors with noticeable pink, peach, or gold undertones
  • Naturally red hair, strawberry blonde, or brunette hair with red or gold highlights

If you have warm tones, the best hair colors for you include auburn and red hair highlights, golden, sandy, or honey blondes, and deep chocolate browns. If your skin undertones are very strong, however, giving you pink skin, you should avoid red shades that can make your skin appear ruddy or constantly flushed. Similarly, if you have strong yellow or gold undertones in your skin, avoid too much gold in your hair or it will make your skin seem even more yellow.

Cool Shades

Cool hair colors work best on people with:

  • Dark brown eyes or hazel eyes flecked with white or silver
  • Very pale skin with few undertones
  • Naturally dark hair colors or cool blonde shades

The best cool hair colors include rich black hair, ash brown or ash blonde hair highlights, and bright white shades. Individuals with cool colorations can also easily wear more funky hair colors such as burgundy, violet, or blue.

Coloring Tips


If you aren't sure about which hair color is right for you, you can try simpler solutions to liven your look without completely changing the color.

  • Highlights and Lowlights: Opting for hair highlights and hair lowlights shades can add new color to your natural look without completely changing your color, making the transition more natural.
  • Stick with Natural Colors: Keep your new hair color within just a few shades of your natural hues so it will be less of a visual shock and easier to get accustomed to. Colors similar to your natural shade will also be easier to maintain.
  • Test First: Always do a strand test with any new hair color to see just how it will look on your locks. How the color is absorbed depends on the initial shade, the condition of your hair, the time the hair dye has to set, and other factors.
  • Hair Color Charts: Use a chart of hair colors to become familiar with different colors available, and keep to similar color families for the best results with your new hair color.

The right hair color for you is one that makes you look and feel beautiful, glamorous, and stylish. By understanding how your skin and eye colors relate to your hair color, you can choose a stunning new hue with ease..

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Right Hair Color for You