Seashell Hair Accessories

shell barrette
Shell Barrette

Seashell hair accessories are the perfect ornament for beach wedding hair and luau hair styles. Easy to make on your own or track down at a variety of accessory retailers, a seashell makes a simple and natural adornment to a variety of hair styles.

About Seashell Hair Accessories

Along with feather hair accessories, seashells help morph bohemian chic and organic looks into elegant updos and other special styles. Whether you want to wear a seashell for a special occasion or merely appreciate their earthy statement and want to incorporate the trend into your hair style, you can find many ways to wear this beloved beach treasure.

  • Ponytail Holders: Ponytail elastics are a popular base for seashells. Available in a variety of seashell styles, a ponytail elastic adorned with a shell makes a statement when gently caressing the neck in a low side ponytail.
  • Barrettes: Barrettes are one of the easiest ways to wear a shell. A simple shell can pull back a grown out bang or add a beachy flair to a long hairstyle. Barrettes are normally made from an assortment of small shells, so you can add a delicate touch to your updo without an overwhelming hair accessory.
  • Head Bands: Head bands get summery when adorned with a collection of seashells. A basic band is appropriate for all hair lengths and will glam up any gauze dress or short shorts with a tropical dose of charm.
  • Hair Combs: Hair combs are a basic yet overlooked hair accessory. Hair combs allow you to pull back a desired amount of hair without denting or committing your style to an updo. Hair combs make the perfect base for a variety of shells, from large show stopping pieces to small bits of coral or abalone.

Get Crafty

If you have a treasured seashell collection, you may want to consider creating a lovely hair piece from your own stock. A handmade seashell hair accessory makes a unique and tangible gift for a loved one or friend. With the use of a hot glue gun, you can affix a few selected shells from your own collection onto a variety of bases, including head bands, barrettes, and ponytail elastics.

If you want to spice up a simple seashell, you can spray paint the shells as desired or add special touches such as glitter or metallic spray. You can also get creative and mix other natural materials such as leather cording, raffia, dried flowers, or beads to create an entirely custom look. For the artist, wire wrapping adds a unique and artful accent to seashell hair pieces. A basic jewelry designing course can instruct you how to implement a variety of jewelry making techniques into a custom hair adornment. If you're planning a beach wedding, think about and spend some time incorporating a seashell hair piece into your veil or headpiece to add a summery and carefree look to your style that will blend effortlessly on the sand.

Where to Buy Seashell Hair Adornments

The following Internet retailers offer a wide selection of gorgeous handmade seashell hair pieces perfect for nearly any tropical or exotic occasion:

For adding a tropical summer touch to any hair style, consider seashell hair accessories. With a range of styles suitable for either casual or special occasion looks, it's easy to bring a bit of the beach to your look.

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