Sedu Black Hairstyles

Lady flatironing her hair

Sedu black hairstyles are popular styles that feature bone-straight hair that appears that it has just been pressed. The hairstyles are named after a company that produced the Sedu, pronounced (si-du) flatiron, a flatiron that is said to get hotter than traditional flatirons without ripping or burning the hair. The flatiron straightens mid length to long hair. The flatiron, which has adjustable heat indicators turns loosely curled or kinky hair. Straight hairstyles are said to be easily created because the flatiron is lightweight. According the Sedu site, hair easily slips through the flatiron, making it easy to pull hair through the flatiron, therefore, reducing snags.

Sedu Black Hairstyles: Chinese Bob

For a straight Sedu black hairstyle that looks like a serious Chinese bob style…

  1. Wash and blow dry the hair.
  2. Add any products like oil, but make especially sure that a heat protective agent is added. Sedu flatirons get extremely hot.
  3. Adjust the temperature of the flatiron. Thick, coarse hair would need to be straightened at a hotter temperature than thin hair.
  4. Section the hair off into the first section to be straightened. Use small sections so that the flatiron can straighten the hair in one pass.
  5. Pull the flatiron through each section in an even pace, from the root to the tip. Don't keep the flatiron on the hair because it will burn; pass the hair through.
  6. Leave the ends straight for a carefree look or curl the ends with the flat iron. Tilt the flat iron up as if curling with a curling iron.
  7. Part hair in the center or flatiron bangs.
  8. Finger-comb the hair as needed or comb.

Straight and Curly

Once the hair is straightened, create long curly hairstyles with sexy spiral curls in the hair.

  1. Section the hair at the desired width.
  2. Use flexible curlers to curl the sectioned hair. Make sure that the hair is pulled tightly around the flexible curlers and curl the hair upward, starting at the base of the curler.
  3. Sleep on this style.
  4. The next day, remove the flexible curlers and finger curl the hair. Avoid combing through the hair as this may remove the curls.

Glamorous Updo

Create a glamorous updo in long hair with the Sedu. After flatironing the hair…

  1. Give the hair a side part on the preferred side.
  2. Sweep the hair to the front, slightly over the forehead so it curves over, directly over the eye.
  3. Pull the hair back into a low ponytail, and secure the hair with a covered elastic band.
  4. Wrap hair around the band to hide it, and secure it with a pin.
  5. Twist one inch sections of the hair into single twists, not two-strand twists.
  6. Tuck the ends of the twists up into the band.

Sexy Layers

For a sexy layered Sedu black hairstyle with bouncy curls, do the following:

  1. Wash, apply a heat protector and use the Sedu flatiron on the hair.
  2. Apply a setting gel to the hair. Use a gel that does not contain alcohol. Alcohol can cause hair to be too dry and hard to manage.
  3. Set the hair on large curlers. Curl the hair up for flips or down for a conservative look.
  4. When the hair is set, remove the curlers.
  5. Finger curl the hair into the desired style. Fluff out the flips or the downturned curls.

Tips for Maintaining the Styles

Recurl the hair using flexible rods at night, braid it, or put it into twists if curls are not desired the next day. Don't forget to use a satin cap or a satin scarf to wrap hair up at night. Keep hair away from water or high humidity if possible.

A flatiron is a versatile tool for anyone, and there are many Sedu black hairstyles to try for a range of glamorous looks.

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